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German Bundesliga champion: VfB STUTTGART

The football/soccer season is over for the German teams and we finally know who is the new champion of the Bundesliga. The VfB Stuttgart won the title after a great finish before Schalke. The Bundesliga was probably the most exciting league this season, with literally half the clubs fighting relegation and the other half going for the title.
Does anyone here watch the Bundesliga or took notice of German soccer?

VfB Stuttgart, Deutscher Meister!!!!!!!!!!
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
My team did it!!!
8 win's in a streak it's ausom for a team like Stuttgart.
No one expect from them to take the league and they did this with a great run.
Good team Stuttgart and they deserve the win.
Great for Stuttgart a middle table team, no one really expected they ended better than 8th place and theyre champions.

Great also for Pavel Pardo and Ricardo Osorio.
In Mexico the people is delighted by those 2 players performance, 4 mexicans went to European Football this season and 3 of them are champions now (Salcido, PSV) i hope Rafa and Barca make it too cuz have chances.

I heard that Pavel is wanted by Bayern Munich, if its true i hope he stays in Stuttgart cuz if he goes to Bayern he will not play UCL this coming season, plus being in a big team makes his chances to play reduced.

Anyway terrible season for Bayern 11 years in a row playing UCL and this will break his row.
I didn't bother following the Bundesliga this season - it's almost always Bayern that dominate. But I saw in the last couple of months that Bayern weren't doing so good, and it was a great end to the season. Almost matched the end of season in Holland! Well done to Stuttgart - though I can't see them making an impression on the Champions League.

Bayern not being in the UCL probably isn't the best news for German footy though
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