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The Sims Online

I've been very much into the Sims 2 for a while now, and I've been contemplating getting the online game. The only problem being is that I hear you have to pay monthly for it. If there's anyone where who has it and plays it, could you tell me if it's worth paying for? Thanks.
Well i havnt played it dan but i wouldnt go out and buy a game then have to pay to play the damn thing to that sucks lol its like buying a dvd and then you gotta pay even more just to watch it thats sad i think if you have to pay to play it maybe the game its self sould be free and just pay monthly to play it sucky game companys LOL Razz its all money money money
I saw the trailer for it at the website for it. It seems like a chat/social game and it kinda reminds me of habbo hotel.

If you want my opinion chat/social games stink because in the end it leaves you with a empty feeling inside Wink
Sims is nice game, that helps you to spend all free time on it Wink Ten gygabyte of free space on hard disk gives you a huge world of Sims with university, business and night lives. But I don't think that it is good idea to pay monthly for a game... Wanna community? Open ICQ and play sims with your friends Smile I prefer to buy the sims 3 and upgrade my computer instead of sims online.

Also I think when you pay for playing game, you'll play not because you want, you'll play because of feeling spending money on air...

I hope you understand my poor english Embarassed
I agree, this Pay to Play is out of this world, We already buy the game to play it why pay even more to play it online. World Of Warcraft is exactly the same. You have to pay to play the online servers but you can play private servers to get around that ;]. I think that this whole Pay to Play idea stinks and game companies should drop it. I like the sims very much and have played many titles from that series but i will not pay to play the sims online considering the PS3 has this feature called Home that is just like that and it's free. Although the PS3 comes and a big price i will just wait a year or something for the price to drop ;].
i dont play the sims online but i playing the sims 2 Wink
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