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mobile internet experience

i have stopped using internet from my home computer. i was in little trouble because of that. i tried to use my phones built-in was browser but it was unable to check my mail or visiting any html or php pages. but now with opera mini i can check and write mail, visit and post in forums, bid in ebay and most interesting part is i can do all these just everywhere.i just loving this. isn't it great?
It probably costs a ton of money though.
At Orange Romania there are two types of internet I can use: with a pre-pay sim, or with 1/2 years contract. If you use the pre-pay, it costs you 4$ to activate and you have month free of charge (so you can buy a new sim every month for 4$ it costs you 4$/month)
With contract it cost's you 1 or 3 euro (don't remember exactly) and you have 15mb free to download.

I connect to the Internet using a 4mbps ADSL connection and I rarely use a mobile phone for that purpose.

During holidays, though, my ADSL connection isn't available, so I have to use my mobile phone. The "fastest" connection type I tried is GPRS, which goes about at 40-48 kbps. I encountered two problems: the connection speed, much slower than my ADSL, and the connection costs (very expensive, about 0,6 €cent/kb)

Just consider that opening a 165 kb page costs you 1 €! Shocked

Hope my experience will help you Wink
Well her ein Greece the prices for internet through your mobile phone are crazy!

The cost per MB, for a pre-paid card is about 4,3 Euros...
The cost per MB for a contract is about 2,9Euros...
each way, it i too darn expensive...
I can use my pda, with built in WIFI - I wouldn't use a mobile, far far far too expensive.
I am making this very post from my phone, using opera mini.

I am currently on pay as you go(prepay) with t-mobile, which is brilliant because I can download upto 40mb p/day for only £1 ($2).

I would never stop browsing the net on my pc though, its much quicker and has plugin support
Yeah, the internet charges for my phone are burtal. I have Pay as you Go with Rogers so I guess because there is no contract or monthly bills they make the data services cost so much. Its about 5 cents a page, plus data charges that means if I download a picture, I have to pay for all the bytes of data that has been passed from the internet to my phone. Seriously not worth it, unless you have an unlimited data use plan. Very Happy
Internet on the phone is a waste of resources and moola. Nothing like browsing a huge webpage on a screen the size of a postage stamp!
It is assumed that mobile internet will bring revolutionary changes to countries like Bangladesh where 5% or less of the whole population has access to internet. With mobile phones, people in rural areas can have better health treatment. Really it is proved. Bill Gates in a recent press conference introduced a technology where image of a person's eye can be captured using a cell phone and transmitted via internet to doctors at the other end for examination.
Well, here in our country. There is a mobile provider that offers mobile internet rates that can be compared in rates of internet cafes'.. Just like 50 cents in a hour of surfing.
I only have 12 hours access to the internet per day from my computer so I used to use my mobile phone a lot to browse the internet. I also used opera mini a lot because it reduced the size of the pages. I also used to disable the images. We have to pay according to the bandwidth we use and opera mini saved a lot of money. I used to check my hotmail and even chat in msn messenger through my mobile.

There are only two mobile phone providers in my country and only one of them provides the internet. Now I do not have the sim card of the one which provides the internet and so I do not use internet in my mobile these days.
I've tried Wi-Max (testing) in my country. I loved IT ! I can even browse Internet while my car speeding at 80km/h ! But of course, someone else need to drive. As the service is still in testing phases, the coverage is rather limited, but I can imagine how great it is if the provider can cover the whole country.

3G or GPRS (Mobile phone service provider) is okay but not as great or as easy to use as Wi-max. And 3G services charges will kill us as normally the provider will charge according to data size.

But with ease of browsing Internet in mobility, also come with issue such as security. Not only the possibility of someone hacking or listening to our data transmission but the greatest danger came from someone who would try to steal our notebook with force !
Here.. Indonesia....
I use GPRS for mobile internet connection... Rp. 200.000,00/month (Less than US$ 20/month For unlimited data access ( No matter if you download, browsing, chatting or anything )

The main problem is speed...
Using cable connection, I can download about 10~12 GB / weeks, but if I use that connection, 8 GB/month is somewhat lucky ^^

d/l speed is about 8~12kb/s T___T
It sound really nice. I m waiting for that kind of tecnology in the right price of curse. Right now it is insane. I hope in few years we can connect everywhere for free. Just paying taxes like water or electricity.
A friend of mine didn't realise how much he was paying and the next bill that came through for his parents was a £500 one ($1000)

I don't advise it Wink
Ouch. That's a lot.

I'm lucky, my college has campus-wide wireless. I can just whip out my laptop and browse wherever, whenever. Very Happy
coolclay wrote:
It probably costs a ton of money though.
no it just dont cost that much. i use pre-paid sim and i disabled the picture in opera mini. so checking a mail or writing one just dont cost me more than 0.60 cents (thats about only us $ .01 cent!) some may use their bulky laptop but it never can be in ur pocket. wheres the true mobility then?
let me add little more.. here we have EDGE and its usually 150+ kbps. unlimited data plan cost US$ 16.95 month. pre-paid cost me us$ 4 mth for all my surfing, posting, mailing, blogging and minor changes to my frih hosting..all the posting in this forum i made with my phone and this very post i making from my bed before i go sleep.NB.this page is reduced to 7kb by opera thus the cost is little
I'm from Korea. It's very popular to use internet in my country. Also the circumstance of using internet is very developed. Some ISP provide 100M downloading speed. and most ISP provide at least 10M downloading speed.
Mobile internet is developing very quickly. There are two major mobile internet service: WIBRO and HSDPA. Both of them are very fast. Of course, thery are lower than ADSL and Cable internet. But I was told that it could provide 4M downloading speed.
Packfan104L4 wrote:
Internet on the phone is a waste of resources and moola. Nothing like browsing a huge webpage on a screen the size of a postage stamp!
quite the fallacy, most mobile phones used heavily for web access have decently sized screens. Even my phone which I would never use for web cause I'm way too cheap has a nice 6" screen.
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