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Gilfriend from san diego

so yeah I good friend of my past away and the week of the service one of her friends from high school came a bout a week early and she hit me up on myspace and said that my homgirl talked about me alot and she thought it would be good if we got together to remonis the good times, well it turned out that we liked each other alot and we hooked up. well a week after the service she went home and about a week after that she said that she wanted to move up here (Seattle) I told her that she and her son can live with me till she got her stuff together. so I flew out and helped her move her stuff up here. about a week after she got here she started hanging out with her baby's dads sister and started to stay a few nights . which wasn't a problem with me not at all, but then I found out her babies dad lives there too, so that took some getting use to... anywho I had to go away for work and it required me to be gone for 2 weeks so I went and did my thing (well I'm still away but on the way home 2day) so yeah it turns out that she hasn't been home since I've been gone. which yet again I can understand. she just got a job and it's not far from where her sister lives so she's been staying there this hole time. It being easier for her to get to and from work since its sooo close but she's been more and more distant not answering calls or responding to text messages. SO the next time I talked to her I told her that we're just friends nothin more. now she thinks it's okay to share my bed with me as friends. I don't agree with this. if she's not with me than she doesn't need to be living with me anymore. now what I wonder is should I be nice to her the week I'm back from work (I leave again in about 2 weeks) or should I just move all he stuff at my house to her storage unit and then tell her that she cant live with me anymore or should I be nice and ask her to leave after I'm gone?? I feel that she's been doin stuff behind my back and I don't wanna deal with her anymore anywho you guys got any advice?? happy posting -Droop
something's going on definitely. do you live in an apartment? if so, let her have a share at the bills. if not, tell her that she needs to get her own place- but be nice to her.
yeah me and my bro live in two bedroom appartment. Letts see, I've been home since Thursday and she hasn't tried to come see me. She sent me a text message sayin she's not sure if she can come see me till after she gets paid which is friday, i hope to see her sooner because i really want to tell her to move out... we'll see, i'll keep ya posted Smile
Give her 3 choices: Pay the rent, 4 sexy-time a week, or move out
It only sounds like she was been using you all the time if the babys dad lives there and other people she know. If she cant see you/avoiding you, send her a text message that says that all her stuff should be out of your apartment before you leave again, including her key. Everything that's left when you come back, will be put in a storage or something, where she can come and get it.

My guess is that she will panic and hopefully explain everything to you, so you can move apart as, well not friends, but atleast with the whole truth..
Hey guys just so you know she finally hit me up and we talked a little, she's trying to find a place to live and asked if she could keep some of her stuff at my place which is just an entertainment center and a 32' TV so I don't mind because we don't have a TV hah but yeah I total feel used but that's alright, she's a single mother and she needed to do something to get out of the situation that she was in, However she said she missed me which I think she's getting desperate again but I'll let ya'll know!!
So she came by to say hi, and man oh man was easy on the eye's i do i need miss her company, I hope it all works out for her and her. But other than that, she still has the tv and the here :O we';ve been play ps2 on it lol getting down in some boxing lots of fun i tell ya!!
she moved out i see? well good.. sometimes ex lovers are better off away from each other to be happy with each other..
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