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Have you ever participated in a "Get Rich Quick" p

I'm sure everyone has been bombarded with all types of internet money making programs. Many are schemes (in a bad way) and some are actual programs (in a good way)!

Just to list a few that have come into my email box:

1. You could learn 30 years of real estate secrets with Carleton Sheets 30 day program!
2. Work at home program! Earn $10,000 a month!
3. Be a mystery shopper! Keep what you buy!

And of course there were the old scams from a few years back where you send the 8 people on the list $5 and then you get on the list and thousands of people send you $5.

What have you tried? Are there any actual LEGITIMATE money making programs (not scams) out there?

What have you had success with? Share!
i think some of them actually work, but it's never a "quick" scheme.
The only thing quick about most schemes/scams is how quick your money disappears. That said, there are some good things out there just do some research first before jumping into anything.
Well, I've seen some lottery letters at my grandma's and I had to talk her out of the idea of sending some money there Laughing
I actually hate pyramid schemes(disguising as mlm) that are somewhat successful like that gdi .ws scheme. Why is it people can't understand that for everyone that succeeds at least 10 will have to fail!

Those are the worst in my opinion. the lottery schemes seems pretty transparent.
Standready is right on. "Get rich quick" means "lose your money quick." I work for a legal aid agency and have assisted clients who lost money due to lottery scams. They work by having the victim cash a check and then wire the money elsewhere. Once it is wired, it cannot be recovered. In the meantime, the check bounces a few days later, leaving the victim out $3K or more under the promise that this was for taxes and fees (in Canada) and the truck with the $250K was being dispatched as soon as the money was received.
never tried anything that says... be rich fast...
In the real world... nothing like that happens fast
It ALWAYS take time and that's why i don't beleave it
Yeah, i didn't try anything like that neither.. all those offers are made by an offeror who wants to make money, and if you don't know how, it is even more suspicious..
i did one way back but got my cash taken without a return , there lots of fakers on net promising to pay back when you give them your cash they just don't pay you back, some are reall though but due to the lots out there operting fakes it'll be had to get a real site that pays.
Never tried, never will, I would rather work for my money and feel satisfied afterwards than trying to make money quickly. Right now my apprentice salary isn't good at all, but I love my work and have a lot of fun there, money are not important for me. The same as I would rather buy my own things with my money than get others to buy it for me, I love to take care of myself
nope cant say I have lol
I lost some money on the stock market and should have known that you never get something for nothing. I was a fool there. Sad
I once met an old mate from the army and was suprised when he said he wanted to visit. My wife and I got some food ready but he did not want to eat when he visited, he just wanted to make us join his multi-level-marketing scheme.
Has anyone heard of those? Only those right at the top of the pyramid get some money out. The rest of the participants end up with a lot of unsold products that they had to pay foe "wholesale". Didn't get involved with that one even though it was before trying the stockmarket Confused
They are tons of money making programs around the Internet, I've joined with many of them in past and made some of money from them but that never cover my invested and time wasted, may be someone can made profit from them but I'm not, it's seem that I only make money for them but not for myself. So nowadays I never interesting in all of them. Now I sell only physical products and promote some of advertising programs, never promote any money making programs again. Honestly,

Best Regards,
yes i have done a few get rich quick thinds like sell mutual funds and life insurance, vitamins, and supplements, and other things, there is no such thing as quick money unless u're lucky and hit the lottery. or else, these companies take a lot of hard work also@ but they hav leverage, so there is a change you can make good money but for how long?
Normally these quick rich schemes are just scams to trap gullible people. They would normally give empty promises of sound rewards and requires you to fork out a sizeable amount of money in order to claim the rewards. However, it is unlikely that you will hear any words from them after they have your money.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
I normally hate all kinds of sites which seem like a sales letter.

I dislike seeing big text proclaiming - "WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW HOW XXXX MADE $10,459 IN A WEEK WORKING FROM HOME?" Rolling Eyes And it is followed by a crappy audio, a letter from the desk of someone, addressing everyone as if they are people who are just sore losers. And oh, "testimonials" from lots of people who supposedly made millions.

My piece of advice would be, stay away from anything which requires you to pay money before you even get to know anything. (Note that I said this about usual 'get rich quick' schemes...far more complex stuff is way over my head Laughing ) Some of the legitimate sites would be good Get-Paid-To ones. There are quite a few which does payout good, so, if you need any help selecting, frop me a PM. (some self promo Mr. Green )
I have looked at many of those, even joined one (Q@#$star). The reason I did it was not for the money it was for the time. I wish that I had more time with my family and the lure of being able to work at home and still make the desired income to live was very alluring. When it comes down to it the people who make the money in those "programs" are the ones at the top of the pyramid. You can make money, but not without alienating all your relationships. Life is hard, work hard and accept what God has given to you.

Best Regards,

"Money is only a tool"
There's no such thing as get rich fast by doing almost nothing, as most of those scammers claim.
Although I do believe there are offers out there that can make you money if you put some time into it.
There's alot of great network marketing programs out there that can make you alot of money,although they've gotten a real bad reputation because of all the pyramid schemes in the past.

I would say stay away from all those offers you get in the mail!
IF there was such a thing everyone would be doing it...
Haha, sad to say I never was very much interested in those schemes that pretty much promise to get you rich overnight. However, I did, sadly, take part in a pyramid one briefly. (Which pretty much promises the same thing but, make themselves sound more...reliable)

I got drawn into it when i was just randomly surfing the net, saw some work at home thing, naively registered for info and this woman called me and basically talked until she convinced me that for a mere 1$ for a start package which previously costed 20, it was a steal. And the monthly purchase quota would not mean much once you get people to join and part of their purchase amount goes to you in commission. then stated several (unverified) success stories.

I backed out after a month though. because basically, I spent 70 bucks on buying things to fill the quota, and since I was (and am still) a student, didn't even have the time to try to get people to join.
Aye, that sounds like a common epidemic. The easiest way to deter pyramid schemers, imo, is to ask them for their balance books for the previous year and a statement of their assets and liabilities. How can they expect you to invest in their scheme if they can't even keep proper accounts?!

If they DO actually give you those things, I'd give them a fiver out of respect for how much pointless work they just put in, and then tell them to shoo
Sorry, there's no 'free lunch' in this modern world. If you're the last person in the hierarchy, you'll be burnt. If you're at the top of the hierarchy, you might probably get some but how can you sure that people will believe in you?
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