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Multivalue Database

This topic is to give info about multivalue database. MV Database is 25 Years old with easy and powerful programing language and easy to maintain database. There are millions of users all over the world who use, run and develop in MultiValue-based systems. Most of them are not aware that they are using this most powerful of technologies.

Details on MultiValue

MultiValue is a technology that understands three dimensional data directly. Most applications that use MultiValue technology understand three-dimensional data structures refer to them as Fields, Values, and Subvalues.

A field, or column, is the same as it would be in a normalized database.

A Value is a further breakdown of a column. For example, in a normalized database there might be columns defined for Address1, Address2, Address3. In a MultiValue database there would be a definition for a column named Address, and stored in that column would be either one, two, three, or more values. These different values would be delimited by a special character known as a Value Mark.

A Subvalue is a further breakdown of a value. For example, if there is a column defined for Phone, and there is a value called Home, there may be two sub values for the home phone number- perhaps the main number and a home office phone number.

Another distinct advantage to the MultiValue world is that the tables are extremely flexible. Columns can usually just be added to the database definition and used immediately. There is no need to shut down the database , lock out the users, add the column, and rebuild the database. A new column is simply added to a dictionary and that column is then immediately available.

MultiValue databases also have calculated columns. These columns, which actually contain small programs that are run when the fields contents are needed, allow real-time calculation of values. For example, in a MultiValue database a person's age wouldn't be stored, the person's birth date would be stored. There would be a column named AGE, but it would be a calculated column. The calculation in the column would take the current date, subtract from it the person's date of birth, and then display the age.

The above writing is written with help of There are lots of vendors out there supporting multivalue developments.

One of the core banking system is also using multivalue system.

If you need more information you can contact me.

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