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Radiation Ring Round Earth Stopping Space Travel

I was excited to see Neil Armstrong land on the moon back in '69'
However i'm seriously worried that we really did go to the moon these days.

There is the evidence of the shadows on the "moon" and writing on a rock that was not edited out before they released the film.

In addition earlier missions shot film of the earth halfway to the Moon and these seemed to have several discrepencies.

All evidence indicating that a trip through the VAN ALLEN belt has occurred seems suspicious.

Also why did we stop going to the moon? All space shuttles in todays "space travel" do not go as far as the VAN ALLEN belt and the international space station also stays in earth orbit.

Bit depressing really. So much for men landing on Mars by 1980!
Gagnar The Unruly
From wikipedia:

wikipedia wrote:
Proponents of the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax allegations have argued that space travel to the moon is impossible because the Van Allen radiation would kill or incapacitate an astronaut who made the trip. James Van Allen himself, now deceased (August 9, 2006), dismissed these ideas. In practice, Apollo astronauts who traveled to the moon spent very little time in the belts and would have received a harmless dose [6]. Nevertheless NASA said that they deliberately timed Apollo launches, and used lunar transfer orbits that only skirted the edge of the belt over the equator to minimize the radiation. Astronauts who visited the moon would probably have a slightly higher risk of cancer during their lifetimes.

Full article here:

Sounds like it's not a serious concern for space travel. I think we'll be OK for a trip to Mars (at least as far as Van Allen radiation is concerned). Of more concern are other forms of cosmic radiation, such as the radiation emitted by the sun. It looks like cosmic radiation could play an important factor in space colonization. This pamphlet from NASA may be of interest to you:
The Conspirator
This is a good example of why you don't believe everything you hear or read. But people don't think critically and fallows, morons and con artists trick them into believe in conspiracy's (like moon landing hoax, Kennedy assassination conspiracy, government hiding aliens and so on) or ignoring the exports and believing in things like psychic powers, using dangerous (yes they are, they are very dangerous) herbal "supplements", believing pseudo sciences like inelegant design (creationism) or getting people to buy into "free energy devises".
I believe that they, the astronauts, are all experiencing some sort of aftereffects of the radiation they received...either some glaucoma or cataracts or something.
The Conspirator
Drawingguy wrote:
I believe that they, the astronauts, are all experiencing some sort of aftereffects of the radiation they received...either some glaucoma or cataracts or something.

You heard this wear?
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