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Getting outranked by black hatters

Have you ever been consistently outranked by websites that are obviously using black hat SEO? How does that make you feel? Personally, I'm under the impression that some well known black hat and gray hat SEO techniques are still quite effective. For example, I still think that keyword stuffing is still effective to a certain degree.
Well, doing SEO is in fact grey hat, as you are changing the way the SERPS would have behaved naturally. But I do see the point which you are saying.

Black Hat SEO is like a gamble. Either you get rich or you get broke. Now if you have many sites then it will be easy for you to disregard one or two. But most of us ( including me ) do not fall under that category. Thus, doing Black Hat will just take us down.

And for most of us, the inner conscience is a deciding factor too, which will no doubt restrain us from doing any such activity.


On some points I've been outranked by some of these sites that use black hat seo. But i've also noticed it never really lasted. As a matter of fact, most of the time 2 weeks after the page is well under mine. Perhaps because of automatic mass submissions into free directories.
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No I don't think I have been outranked by black hat SEO sites but I have been outranked by sites that I don't think deserve their position only because they have many sites to link from but I don't call it black hat in this case.

If you are outranked by someone that obvious using black hat SEO you can report it to Google.
I don't know if it's helps but at least you give Google a chance to make something about something that's wrong.
report the gray tecq to search engines....if u knw of ny effective once...
What do you guys class as "black hat" seo?
richard270384 wrote:
What do you guys class as "black hat" seo?

All kind of cloaking (Showing a different content for the crawlers than the visitors). It is what I think of the most when I think about black hat seo but it must be more.
Creating a lot of sites with the only purpose to link to others maybe is black hat. At least if it's done very much.
Black hat SEO may bring instant results, but it is never consistent. In never last long and would be penalized heavily by search engines when they find it out. So its better to persist with white hat SEO which brings long term dividents.
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