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Mp3 player story

Here's a little story of what happend to me and my mp3 player:
First, I bought a Creative Zen Vision:M, and liked it very much.
I used for quite a while, when suddenly the next I knew, the screen was damaged. I have no ideas of how it happend, but the LCD screen was damaged, and you could just see the other half of the screen. The first half was all white and black with some funny colors randomly placed on it.

So I sent in my mp3 player to where I bought it from, hoping I could get a new one, but they said the guarantee was no longer valid, because they meant it was my fault that the screen was damaged (which I guess it was, too). So then I got it in return.

So I browsed some Norwegian online shops, looking for where I could get the cheapest Creative Zen Vision:M, because I wanted a new one.
I found out that this store located in my city had it quite cheap, so I ordered it. They said it would take 1 - 3 days.

After a week, I still hadn't heard a thing, so I sent a mail, wondering what happend. They said that a fault in their order caused the mp3 player to reach them late in the next week.

After that next week, I sent a new mail, asking what happend. They never answered that one, so the week after I sent a new mail, a bit more complaining than the others.

Then today, they got it (in time...), and so I bought it... after waiting almost a month!

Weird, huh Razz
Don't think it's weird. It happens, sometimes quite a lot -- one thing I don't like about to go shopping online. In cases that it was the shipping company's fault, I could probably be less annoyed; but if it was all about the seller, I definitely would go a never-ending complain until problems got solved. And the online processes could lead to an intolerable wait that sometimes indeed would drive you mad.
Stay away from Creative Zens... I have the Creative Vision, and I have had to return it to the shop for a replacement 4 times now... All because of HD failure. They are useless and slow, they can't play movies without losing audio sync and lag, the pictures take an age to load and display, and it automatically DRM's everything that you put on it.

It has been the biggest waste of money...
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