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"Reality TV"...a load of rubbish.

Whether it's "Big Brother", "America's Next Top Model", "Castaway", "Pop Idol" or "X-Factor", we're being over-fed with this sort of stuff featuring the most self-centred, look-at-me-aren't-I-the-centre-of-attention, talentless bimbo's & morons that money can buy....but the general public eat it all up with a big spoon......WHY? Confused
Because they are talentless and morons?

TO be honest I have liked some reality shows but non of what you have listed.
I hate American Idol too. Its just a competition where the judges compete to say the most nastiest things. Crappy reality Tv at its worst.
People like to people watch. Thats about it. Reality shows usually pick the people with the most eccentric personalties to be on the show. Its 'real life drama' and the producers don't have to get a script written so its easier in that respect to make. Personally I only like a few reality TV shows and not the ones you listed.
It's not really reality anyway.
I completely agree. Reality television is offensive, cheap trash.
I do not like those kind of shows because

1 - I think there scripted in some way
2 - I can predict what will happen which makes it boring
3 - I can't sit for 30 minutes nor 1 hour through one.
yeah...reality television isn't for me, probably because I don't really consider myself to be a part of the lowest common denominator.
REality tv isn't much my thing either. Though it provides some great laughs sometimes.
I've gotten so annoyed with it. American Idol and Survivor are arguably the highest-rated reality shows of all time, but i've been sick of both for years.
so, if we all hate it, can I deduce that those who do watch these programmes never post on these forums?
Perhaps they can't get the hang of the keyboard as they have to a). put the TV remote down, and b). use their brains for a short while?
Very Happy
Some reality t.v. shows are not that bad, they're fun to watch because they're just normal people and not big shot celebrities which gets annoying from time to time, sure they don't have the talent, but a lot more crazy things happen on a reality t.v. show.
I think they should rename it unreality T.V. It's all just a bunch of hype and fictionalized drama. Driven by the producers and directors (yes, they have directors: funny considering they aren't supposed to be acting) making conflict where none exists. If I wanted to watch all that Drama unfold I would just turn off the T.V. and look around. Drama is a part of life, unfortunately. I personally don't see a reason to bring someone elses drama into my home through some lame attempt to boost ratings by a bunch of network exec's who wouldn't know good entertainment if it bit them on the posterior. Well that's my little rant on the subject, and as you can tell, I am a huge fan of REALITY, just preferably not on T.V.
I hate reality TV and quit watching it like 2-3 years ago.
The only 'reality' tv that I enjoy is WWE, or you can say real LIVE acting Smile

Everything else is so stupid.
I don't understand the attraction to reality shows myself, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Sometimes I think one reason they keep pumping out that crass, stupid garbage is because they probably save a bunch of money by not paying a real scriptwriter (the Writer's Guild standard pay for a half-hour episode of network tv is around $17,000).

I don't watch a lot of tv anyway except PBS, because we don't have cable. I would love to be able to watch Sci-Fi, Discovery and Comedy Central, but I'm not willing to spend $60/month to watch three channels.

Speaking of cable, I wish they would just put ALL the reality shows on a cable channel or two, and NO WHERE ELSE at ALL.
Oh man, reality tv - poor compensation for the people who ****** up their reality.
I don't like it... What a crap.
Big Brother has just begun a new series in the UK & already it seems the whole country (apart from me!) is talking about it Rolling Eyes
Ah well......only another 2 months (or however long they leave this drivel on for) to suffer.
wellerchap wrote:
it seems the whole country (apart from me!) is talking about it Rolling Eyes
Actually it seems like you are talking about it. You even started the topic! Very Happy But I can assure you there are many people that dislike this kind of stuff. Some just don't pay any attention to it.
I dont like most of the reality tv programs but I do like a few of them.
My favourite reality tv show is The Amazing Race.
I also enjoy watching the later stages of American Idol as the singing is quite good.
I've only watched one reality show. SpikeTV's Bullrun. It's a cross country road rally. There is some weird editing at times, but most of it is a good show, especially since the only annoying team (two spoiled rich girls) lost in the first episode. I suppose it's a better show to watch if you're into cars, the contestants bring their own and they're all really nice. In the middle of each episode there is a challenge that four teams must complete, whether it's a slalom or breaking things with giant spikes attached to your roof. Lot of fun.

You can watch full episodes on Spike's website:
I don't like Reality TV shows because there isn't a real plot to the thing. And as a note Reality TV shows are "SCRIPTED" not a traditional scripting where they have to memorize lines but scripting as in "Tomorrow, make sure you start pissing of so and so and then have a tantrum" They make sure things happen so that there is drama.
There are some reality shows that is okay enough, but I get fed up by them quite fast becasue they intend to be to boring.

American Idol, only the auditions is funny there. My motehr thinks that to Razz But I love the dance verson, because I love to dance myself (if you can call it dancing Razz I just love to move around)

Other things I watch that is a bit more reality. American Chopper, Made and Pimp my car. Also something about family and friends making a wedding for these two people, with only 5000 dollars. I just love to watch what people do and then I will use those things when I will get my own car, marry or if I just want to change.
But other things like bachelor or the biggest looser and those things is just bad really. I intend to look at more shows than reality shows Razz
Tim Graham
Reality TV is so widespread because it is cheap to produce and show (and you can milk it for all it's worth, eg Big Brother) and it lets people see 'themselves' as 'ordinary people' on TV - the connection to some random person is much closer than that of a celebrity or genuine actor.

That said, I think it's a load of bollocks. My solution is to not watch commercial TV, then you're free of tabloid news, loud and annoying adverts, irritating 'personalites' and the constant plugging of these shows.

I'm forever grateful for having two relatively 'sane' networks/stations, the ABC and SBS, here in Australia - although elsewhere I suppose people aren't so lucky (the US for example - nobody really seems to watch the PBS, which I think is a pity because they produce a number of quite good programs).
I like Idol (The Norwegian version of American Idol). The other ones I do not bother to see. Luckily for me, I can turn the TV off when a program comes that I do not like :)
I've hated reality tv ever since the real world came out. I just never understood what the attraction was back then and I still can't now. For the most part I can say I haven't watched it (which to that, some would say "how can you have an opinion if you've never seen it?"), but I have been forced to see a few scattered shows here and there, and it's all just complete garbage.
scottycrip wrote:
I've hated reality tv ever since the real world came out. I just never understood what the attraction was back then and I still can't now. For the most part I can say I haven't watched it (which to that, some would say "how can you have an opinion if you've never seen it?"), but I have been forced to see a few scattered shows here and there, and it's all just complete garbage.

The attraction is simple: people love watching a train wreck ... car accident ... fight ... especially when you know it is comming, and can't do anything to stop it. Deep down inside we are all a little twisted and sick and can't help but to enjoy someone else's misery. Especially when your own life is full of misery, which you can't just turn off with a remote control. Sometimes life sucks, and you have to watch someone elses life sucking to put things into perspective. Although, I do still agree that most of that stuff is garbage and I am definately no fan of "reality" TV.
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