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The investment that always gives you the best return

Someone Else wrote:
In fact, itís not real estate. Itís not the stock market. Itís not options. Itís not treasuries. And itís not commodities.

The investment is giving to your church and other charities. If you donít believe this investment will always outperform every other investment you make, let me share a story from Dr. Joe Morecraft, a pastor friend of mine.

Joe was on the board of directors for a fairly large company. At the annual board meeting, one of the board members, an elderly man who had amassed a sizable fortune, made a stunning announcement. He told the board that he had far more money than he could ever use and no heirs to give it to, so he was going to give away his entire fortune over the next year.

The rest of the board was stunned!

Well, one year later, the board came together again. But this time, there was a noticeable buzz in the air. Everyone wanted to know if the man was able to give away all those millions of dollars.

When the man entered, the room fell silent. Then came the announcement. A very red-faced board member had to tell all those influential people that he had failed in his task. But what he said was even more stunning than his original announcement.

He told the board that through the course of the last year, he gave away millions upon millions of dollars. He established a pace that, he thought, would enable him to quickly get rid of everything he owned.

Then something happened that he didnít expect. He started making more money than he had ever made previously in his life. All of his investments were moving up faster than they ever had. The man had to tell the board that he was, in fact, far wealthier after that one year than he was when he made the original announcement. But what he said next was one of those lessons we all need to learn.

The last thing he said was, ďWhat I learned this year is that I canít out-give God.Ē As hard as he tried, he couldnít get rid of his money faster than God was blessing him.

So if youíre looking for a way to get the best return on your money, give it away. The return wonít always be monetary. And there are times when you wonít see the rewards this side of heaven. But the reward will always be far greater than the investment.
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