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Any drugs to improve our brain performance significantly?

Any drugs to improve our brain performance significantly?

For example for chess player. Can this drug boost his brain power dramatically?

Thanks a lot.
Eat some fish! Better for your brain than drugs....
No buddy never try such things.Such things effect persists for just a short period,then what?you get used to it and finally you become "edict".
Rather i will suggest you to go for good nutritious food .
Hope you must be knowing about "Yoga".go for it.It will not only increase your braing power but totally improve you.Rather then taking drug called "chess player" play "chess game".
If you are frustated please see the following site.It will really help you .
Embarassed dont be like this
change to Laughing Everything will be allright
I would say cafeine with lots of sugar would do the trick, heridlia. You might want to try harmless things like that and please don't do real drugs like akshar says. Maybe you should search the internet to get some great tips to train your brain or to even boost it for a few hours (for your chess match).
Ritalin...go for it. Not really, but people actually do use it for nonprescribed reasons. Besides just using it for ADHD, there are a lot of college students who take the stuff, because it helps them focus without terrible side effects (I mean, besides the zombification of personality, I guess).
If there was such a drug I think everyone would be using them. But yeah, no such drug exist... or has be made yet.
I don't know of any drugs but if there are any then I am sure they would increase your thinking speed only.
If you are planning to do well in some exam then the best way is to work hard. I can justify this point by the following example:
Suppose you take an exam that is considered with adding numbers, but you have not studied yet what 2 is, so if you start relying on drugs and take some before the exam, you would not be able to solve a question concerned with 2 ( 2+2=? ). Whereas, if you have worked hard enough and you know all the numbers from 0 to 9, and the method to add them, you should be able to solve any problem.
I believe some people have sharper minds because they are gifted. That does not mean that a dull minded person can't have the same power, he only must work hard to get to the same level as the gifted person. Afterall the anatomy of brain is the same for every person. Brain sizes do vary but trust me I have seen smaller heads scoring more than larger heads.
for mental alertness and improve memory, i taken these food supplements :
ginkgo biloba and memorax . both products are from 21st century.

on ginkgo biloba:
21ST CENTURY'S STANDARDIZED GINKGO BILOBA EXTRACTS, the extract from the oldest living tree in the world, contains 24% gingkoflavonglycosides, the active ingredient which has been established as a BRAIN NUTRIENT.

Ginkgo improves cerebral blood circulation and nerve signal transmissions. Regular intake of Ginkgo Extract improves memory, mental awareness and mental clarity. Senility and senile dementia can be reduced after 3 months with a daily intake of 6 capsules of Ginkgo 6000.
Ginkgo's effect on the brain cells improves reflex reaction times.
Ginkgo also improves blood flow to limbs to ensure good mobility in old age.

on memorax.

MEMORAX is a herbal supplement for improving your memory. It is useful for students as well as for older people.

AMERICAN GINSENG - A well known tonic for mental rejuvenation. Also helps brain and memory functions.
SIBERIAN GINSENG - Rebuilds strength after mental and physical exhaustion and stress. Stimulates the circulatory system.
BEE POLLEN - A superfood rich in nutrients.
GINKGO BILOBA - Helps memory and the nervous system, also a nutrient for the brain cells.
GOTU KOLA - A memory and brain tonic. It stimulates brain and memory cells as well as energizes the mind and assists quick learning.
SAGE - For better health of the nervous system. Alleviates depression.
KELP - A brain food that is rich in minerals.
CAYENNE - A central system catalyst and circulatory stimulant.
like many have suggested cafien improves memory but at the same it makes you adict.
there is one ayurvedic medicine called bramhi
Mrs Lycos
There are natural dietary supplements, that can be taken without any problems. One of them has been mentioned, Ginko Biloba, and I think Memorex is a mix of different substances. You can also take Gingseng, that is a boost of energy. All these, Ginko Biloba and Gingseng are plants and roots that have been used for centuries in Eastern civilization.
Here in my country you can also find pills with a mix of these, like Memorex:
-Vit B1
-Vit B6
-Vit B12
-Guarana (it's an energy booster, like gingseng)
You can find more information on each vitamine, and elements, and choose the right mix for you.
There are many drugs I know which will increase your memory but I dont know anyone which increases your brain.
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