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Memberships to MyEzy

I will sell MyEzy Trial Memberships worth $2.50 to for 5F$ each.

The trial membership includes 1 months unlimited access to MyEzy.
fri sent
i sent mine too sounds cool...
sent... Cool
Sign me up. I sent my 5!
Wow! What a response I am constantly adding new accounts. Thanks everyone - the offer is still open but I will limit the amount of accounts given away to 25 more after that I will raise the price to 25f$.
Hey ezy,

Your site is ok but needs a little more detail for each product. The layout is too plain and it looks too "out of the box". Customize it a bit more to make it your own. I think the pop-ups aren't that bad but I would prefer the information on a page of it's own than a pop-up. It's annoying after a while having to close a different window. Maybe I'm just used to using tabs in Firefox. And the links... I wouldn't provide them to anyone as it seems to be a conflict of interest since you provide, for a fee, what some of them are giving away. There also is no way to logout that I could see!

Not trying to be mean, just helpful criticism. Thanks for the trial.
^^^that =D
also i noticed a few problems when i tried to log in...also is there a way to change my password?that would be good to put in.
Can i give you 25 FRIH$ for a lifeti,e membership?
Texas Al
Sent fri$ for the site as requested. Looks useful.
FRIH$ sent
Thanks Chunky for the feedback it was most appreciated.

In regards to the other questions.

"Can You get a lifetime membership for 25F$". Sorry i can only give away the 1 month memberships.

In regards to there being no logout. To prevent hacking we do not use cookies and therefore there is no need for a logout script. Instead we use sessions so that everytime you close our website you will automatically me logged out.

In regards to changing passwords. Again to prevent hacking and to maximise security we have used a password generator and encryption script. This means that even admin of MyEzy cannot view your password. If you have lost your password, you can email us and we will send you a new password.
I sent 10. Please make me a member. Thanks! Very Happy
I still have lots of 5F$ memberships to giveaway so just donate 5F$ to me and I will have your account setup in no time
Looks like a good site for resources. Sign me up... and yes, I echo someone else's opinion... can't we pay a little higher to get lifetime?

Note: 5 FRIH$ sent.
Dude I sent u 5$frih from my other abbount : ABN

You havent sent me the membership yet? Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
sorry about the slow response but for some reason the forums wern't working for me. Anyway i have sent it now.
Hmm here are my FRI$5

The first impression is good and these many members cant be going wrong

Wainting for my account details Smile
I sent 25f$ 'cos I'm nice like that. I eagarly await a glimpse of your members section. Got first PM awaiting the second.
Nice.. i will try this out.. anyway.. Fri$ sent.
Hey where is my registration info man.
Lol.. Btw.. guys.. this is just an additional service he came up with.. So be patient.. Caz this is kinda like manual work.. Not 24/7 automated service..
Hey.. ezyweb.. there are some broken links in the web. Please check it out..
hmm...ok i will fix the broken links

also the process of setting accounts up that are purchased through frihost are done manually but i try to get them done within a few hours. Babamuchla (or whatever) I have setup your account twice now with the email you gave me. I can guarentee that i have setup your account and the problem is on your end.

Apart from that MyEzy has just two new products that im excited about. Take a look at VIP Profit Zone's products. To even download they cost $69 but I am including them in membership on my website.
Btw.. ezyweb.. There are some loopholes in your webpages. I can manually create an account manually myself.. lol.. Do fix that if not other people can also do that..
Ezyweb, So hows the site going on? Have you fixed the bugs?
Thanks Waiteck for mentioning the loophole. Its there for a reason. We will let people manualy create an account but if payment isnt received within about 10 minutes the account is automaticaly deleted. We do this so we can capture peoples email addresses so once they register and choose not to pay then we can keep sending them mail about how good the site is. And its not spam!

Its just a marketing technique that was taught to me a few years back!
I'm still patiently waiting for my lifetime membership info..Smile
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