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Ram Timmings

I was wondering if anyone could give a good explination of ram timings and how to use that information to buy the best ram for you PC
Well, the best RAM is a matter of opinion-- If you won't be overclocking, any cheap value ram will work the same as any expensive stick.

RAM timings are hard to explain. To simplify things, I will not go into the technical aspects of it. There are four numbers, usually something like 5-5-5-15 or lower. Lower = better. In really high-end systems ($2000+), you should be concerned about them, and try to get the lowest numbers possible. Otherwise, the money for better timings is better spent towards more RAM, CPU upgrades, mobo, or video card upgrades. Honestly, you won't notice much difference between sticks. This is because the numbers refer to CPU cycles required to accomplish specific tasks on the RAM. This can make a difference when compiling huge amounts of data, but usually is negligible. More important than the timings is the command rate. Ideally, you want a stick in 1T or two identical sticks in dual-channel running a command rate of 1T. If you are running a command rate of 2T, the timings are basically doubled, which will make a large difference.

I hope that was helpful and made sense. RAM is very complicated, so if you need anything clarified, please reply and I will try to clear up any questions you may have.
i downloaded CPU-Z to get all the stats from everything. im using ddr2 800 with the timmings 5-5-5-15 and the command rate is 2T. i have no clue how to overclock or what im looking at to overclock... and the thing is that i want to learn! so any words of advice would be nice... here are the rest of my system specs

AMD A64 x2 3800+ (core speed 2.0 GHz)
ECS C51GM-M mobo
OCZ ddr2 800 (timings: 5-5-5-15 Command rate: 2T)
Nvidia 6800 PCI-E x 16

ive searched through my bios but i couldent find anything.
my guess is that the mobo dosent have the ability to OC... if that is true is there a mobo out there that would work fine with my system?
Your board does not have a BIOS that supports overclocking. You may be able to still overclock though, through software. Use Clockgen.

Your mobo is socket AM2. There are tons of overclocking boards out there for AM2. How much do you want to spend?
well ill have a fulltime job here in a fue weeks (just getting outta college, and in a diffrent town) so i would guess a spending cap woulbe about $150 but could be broken if needed.

i was also wondering what is out there for AM2 CPU fans... i havent found much that is any better then what came with the processor.
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