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Metal forever

hi everybody
whos a metal head here?? Twisted Evil
i wanna know how many u r here?
and i need for who knows a good melodic death metal bands
my best r :
devil driver
dark tranquillity
Evil or Very Mad
I like 70s metal mostly - like motorhead, deep purple n other british ones..
Metal FTW..!!!

As you said Kamlah....Motorhead are good..

but once you get into serious metal -- go for death and you have Iced Earth - HellZ Kitch ....

Obviously THE IRON MAIDEN - eva classic buggers and Sabbath not to be forgotten.,...hell

The new guys who've caught my attention are - Muse ...they simply fkin rock.
With metal, you name it, I listen to it and love it.

I'm quite excited for Job For a Cowboy's new album due out in a few days!!!
Yeah, CoB rules, and In Flames too.
I like metal, but i hate to be called a "Metal Head". It's a another word for geek.

Kalmah and Dark Tranquility are pretty good bands. Try some early in flames as well if you are into Melodeath. Their new stuff is too nu-metal like and is really not my style of metal.

- Achene
Metal FTW, but nowadays Metal is polluted with these nu-metal or *core bands. This isn`t metal music, I have no idea what it is...

Anyway, Metal like any other subculture is evolving, so I guess it`s natural. Although I hate the "new school" metal scene so much... Sad
i like thrash, progressive, and folk metal.
The best bands in respective styles:

Metallica, Megadeth
Symphony X, Shadow Gallery
Falconer, Tuatha de Dannan

Also, i dislike death and dark metal, except for CoB and Arch Enemy
Jakob [JaWGames]
Metal is the best!

I prefer melodic metal like melodic like power, progressive or even melodic deathmetal before pure deathmetal and blackmetal.
Some of my favourite deathmetal bands are:

In Flames
Edge of Sanity
im not really a metal head, but i love metal music. Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Steppenwolf, Metallica, Mortorhead, Pantera, Zao, Demon Hunter, AC/DC are some of my favorite bands. IM is by far the best to me though. theyre awsome! Very Happy
Metal lover here. My tops are megadeth, AC/DC, Pantera, Muse, Iron Maiden, Blackc Sabbath, and every thing else metal. I just wish that I was born in the Metal Generation.
Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Soilwork, Celtic Frost, In Flames.

I have just downloaded the new album Fiction by Dark Tranquility, not bad. but character was their best album.
MasterofPuppets wrote:
Metal lover here. My tops are megadeth, AC/DC, Pantera, Muse, Iron Maiden, Blackc Sabbath, and every thing else metal. I just wish that I was born in the Metal Generation.

Muse is one of my favorite ALTERNATIVE ROCK band.
AC/DC is hard rock btw, not metal Wink
Muse of course is rock, and quite far from Metal...
Hell yeah!
metal forever!
It has outlasted every genre so far.
Twisted Evil
Except classical music Wink
Well, give Metal few decades and it will also be called classical.
But true, I, personally, believe that Metal is really ageless music. It has it`s own fashion and style, which don`t depend on the mainstream.
I mostly like progressive metal and any kind of progressive fusions - bands like Dream Theater , Pain of Salvation , Planet X . I listen also to scandinavian metal (In Flames , Eternal Tears of Sorrow, The Haunted, Sonata Arctica, Sentenced, Amorphis) and also to several polish bands (known worldwide - Vader , Behemoth , Trauma). From European metal I can add My Dying Bride, Anathema (both from UK) Blind Guardian (from Germany), Moonspell (from Portugal).
I was into many music influences, but I can't forget about Iron Maiden, that I listened for the first time 26 years ago. (wow. I'm old.)

I can recall I was afraid of Derek Riggs artworks... hahahaha
And the sound, of course, was awesome for its time. (I was 2-3 years old. Yeah, I was young)
The best bands are In flames
Cradle of Filth
In the Funeral

buy it if you like it =D
Metallica for life! Tho thats mostly all the metal i listen too.

But other than that i prefer regular metal. I hate death metal because its just fast uncatchy riffs and lyrics that you cant understand
I just love Metal!
Sure, I also listen to other music like Jack Johnson, Rock, Jazz, Pop or House, but Metal's without a doubt just the best!

Some Melodic Death Metal bands you should check out:

- Arch Enemy
- Children of Bodom
- Dark Tranquility
- In Flames
- Mercenary
- Soilwork
- Scar Symmetry
My personal favourites are Power Metal and Symphonic Metal (Wait, what was the name? ). Some of my favourite bands are DragonForce, Symphony X, Children of Bodom, Linkin Park ( Nu-Metal - Hybrid Theory ) and Nightwish. Really nice sound they make. But seriously I dislike roars, because I find it more irritating then nice. ( Which is why the band I listen to rarely roars if never. Haha )
I dont like metal... it really aint music.. kinda sux
nomis wrote:
I dont like metal... it really aint music.. kinda sux

So why have you posted? Obviously it's a thread for people who like this specific genre Confused

Anyway, back to topic everybody.
Absolutely love metal.. Metal, heavy metal, hardcore, death metal, all of it.. Bands like slayer, vader, and all of the other ones like that, I really dont have an interest for.. But bands like Metallica, Killswitch Engage, dry kill logic, dream theater, disturbed, All That Remains, Static-X, Scar Symmetry, Sevendust, nonpoint, the list just keeps going and going..
Hey all,

I don't only love metal, but I used to listen to a lot of it in high school. I still whip out my old metal CDs every now and again but it's refreshing to see a post for metal and some stupid Teen Angst music topic. Keep it up fellas....

I recently purchased Megadeth's newest album and I really enjoyed it. If you've been with Megadeth from the beginning, you've been craving an album where Dave finally goes back to his roots...and it's arrived! If you've been a fan of the "progressive" Megadeth of the past decade, this one's going to send you running for cover! I'm surprised this was advertised as a "cast" album...I don't see from where that label came. This is 100% pure Megadeth, as they began in the mid and heavy, with signature Mustane complex rifts. It seems that Dave has found a younger, more energetic band to back him up (none of the regulars that have appeared over the years), and the youth comes through. I won't go over the track list, but they are all different...the only thing longtime fans might take as a recycle is the inclusion of "A Tout Le Monde". Do not be fooled. This isn't the same old's faster and heavier than the original, and not only that, but it's a duet with Cristina Scabbia...the new version is unbelievable! This one will leave you speechless. Dave, I bow before you, and thanks for giving us pure metal in an age of mindless ghetto garbage! Everyone, just say I warned you if your stereo erupts into smoke and flames before the CD is finished!

Keep it real...
I like most kinds of metal.

Power and prog metal is my favorites, but i listen to stuff like NWOBHM, death, thrash and such as well.

I don't like nu-metal though - not my style (and especially not rap metal, rapcore and such)

- Achene
I like metal and I prefer Nu-metal but I also like old MAIDEN or Black Sabbath.
Anyone saw the movie ; Metal A Headbangers Journey ?
I prefer extreme metal: death, brutal death and grindcore...

In spite of this, I usually listen to other softer metal bands: nu - thrash - heavy - rap metal...
I don`t like metal and I`ll never listen this music style Wink
Helios wrote:
Metal FTW, but nowadays Metal is polluted with these nu-metal or *core bands. This isn`t metal music, I have no idea what it is...

I could not have said it any better myself Wink

Well, yeah, I guess I am a sort of metal head, even though I know people who are more into the genre than I am. So, when they say "have you heard of *put a fairly unknown name of some local scene here*?", it's more than just possible I have to say no.
These days I listen mostly to bands like Opeth, Moonsorrow and Funeral. But as every poor person up north in Europe I've been trough my symphonic, power metal state of life.
About the *core and stuff like that, I was a bit harsh with my words.
But still, those aren't genres which rose directly from early metal, but rather from punk (hardcore).
Anyway, if you ask me, I wouldn't call them Metal (with a capital M). <- Just my humble opinion.
I like all metal artist, except for Soulfly and Morbid Angel and stuff like that.
My pers faves are: In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Annihilator, Opeth, Metallica, Dark Tranquillity, Finntrol, Grip Inc., Guano Apes, Hammerfall and so on...
im particular to death metal, kataklysm, suffocation, nile, all the good stuff Wink
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