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I am planning another trip to Boston and may even be moving there. What is the most wonderful thing you like about the city? Maybe it's the weather, maybe its the people, maybe its clean river. I want to know what people think...all the little things about the city that you do not realize until someone brings it up to you. Thanks!
i have lived about one year in boston and i just love it! if you go, please visit a little "town" in boston called brookline, if you don't already know it, for me is the most beatiful place, and a little place usually no one knows:
go to brookline's main street "Beacon St", and take the subway to St Marys station, then, walk up to number 1083 aproximately, and in the other side of the road (the other side in reference to door 1083) walk in the same direction you walked from St Marys and turn right in the first entry you see, you will go into a park, turn right when you see "Hall's pond" and enter, its just like suddenly entering a hidden forest where no one seems to have ever been, but with nice wooden ways through it.
all this, from St Marys (green line) to there is about 10 minutes, and then you can just enjoy it for yourself! Very Happy
I lived in Boston for a year after college and can't speak highly enough of it. What a great little city. Some of my favorite things include how managable the city is in size--you can walk everywhere and it doesn't take very long (this is something I envy, now living in NYC). The people are generally polite and down to earth. My favorite places to go there include Jacob Worth's--a pub on Stuart Street (?) where on Friday nights a man plays piano and everyone sings songs (you don't know how fun that is until you've had a few beers). There's an amazing Ethiopian restaurant in the South End called Addis Red Sea. I didn't appreciate it enough until after I tried several other Ethiopian restaurants. It made me realize how extraordinary Addis was. It's a MUST. My favorite pub in Boston is the Elephant and Castle downtown. There's also an interesting chain of restaurants out there called Fire and Ice, I highly recommend that. And going to the beach at Manchester by the sea on the north shore was a great way to spend hot summer days. You can get there by taking the train and walking from the station. On the way, you pass by Captain Dusty's ice cream stand--best ice cream ever. This is a pretty unorderly list, but hopefully you can find some good ideas in here...
oh yeah... Boston! Its so cold there right? I also would like to go there.!! I think is a nice city!!
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