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Who wishes they were back in school?

Wish you were back in school?
Yes, frequently
 36%  [ 4 ]
Yes, time to time
 18%  [ 2 ]
No, never!
 45%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 11

I think about it at least once a week. I am slowly trying to work my way back to that mindset. I miss it!
I am always missing school.

Kind of why I've been thinking about grad school so much. I really liked being around a good set of peers and the scholarly atmosphere.

And the parties. Have you thought about grad school or is it mostly just daydreaming about the good ole days.
no never... may be because I don't have good memories about my schools... (just last one was nice)
evryday I am thinking on going back to high school...
No i dont want those horrible days to be infront of me again.
Yes i would like to be at school at times.Whenever i think about the funny moments that had happened during my school life i feel strongly to be in schoolI wish if that days would have came back.I always think of my school mates,class mates and teachers and everyone whom i have met during my school life.Then i think about the incidents that had happened between me and each of them.Sometimes i laugh head down when i think of some of the incidents that had happened..Anyway i miss my school life a lot and wish to have those days again..I wish to have those days back without any test papers,any assignments and any sort of scoldings from any teachers..Without all that i wish to have my school days back..
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No way. I miss a few of my schoolfriends, but whenever we meet up it's as if we've never been apart, and it's been great to meet new people at university.

I didn't really like school. From an educational point of view, I much prefer being allowed to focus on the bits which interest me and just to ignore the stuff I don't like. I've sort of rediscovered the joys of learning this year (a fair bit of extra-curricular stuff and a couple of new languages), now that I can ignore the bits of the course with which I can't be bothered. I totally ignored some of the books on the syllabus because I just didn't like them, and used that effort to do other stuff.

Socially, uni has been far kinder to me. I don't really feel limited (by other people's expectations) any longer, and I'm not nearly as self-conscious as I once was.

With regards to Life In General, I adore the independence. I love cooking for myself, taking care of myself, budgeting and all the rest of it. I think I'm probably a lot healthier in my eating habits than I've ever been.
Recently I have thought about leaving the IT field and go into education. And because of that I am thinking quite abit about going back to school. But I am not sure if it is the right time now. In any case, the past 3 or 4 months I've been thinking about this subject alot.
hey..who don't want to go back to school?..I want...really2 want it..
I've thought about going back to school for quite some time, and I'm happy to say I'm finally doing it. I regret never finishing college, and although I attempted to a couple times, I never had the mindset I suppose. So now I do, and the semester starts next month! I can't wait to get started and finally get my degree.
Well I am on summer break. I do kind of want to go back, but I know that when I am back after sometime I will be wanting to go back home... I guess nothing is enough
I've been wanting to go back to school so bad... I kept telling myself that I would start college next year, when I've started saving enough money... but life is just so hectic, and my work schedule doesn't really fit with trying to go to school.

It's been almost three years since I graduated, and I'm feeling the urge even more now that it's been so long since I've been there. I just miss LEARNING... feeling my mind expanding I guess, hehe. I had to take a couple of random classes for work, and it felt like cool water on a hot day... just wonderful. Now if I could only find the time!
I would love to go back to school. But I think my viewpoint is a bit different from many of the posts that I've read above. I don't want to go back to school for the environment, social scene, or anything else. I already have two degrees and I now desire to obtain advanced degrees. I would love to go back to school so that I can receive my masters. At this point in the game, the more schooling I get, the more I can earn.

I think younger people don't realize that the amount of school you complete can directly be related to your level of income. High school level education gets you so far. College can take you a lot further. (Most companies see a college degree as a minimum qualification). A masters degree will put you into the upper levels of companies. We're talking some serious money.

For those people that are thinking about going back to college and finishing their degrees... GO FOR IT! Once you start working and you feel that you cannot work while going to school, you need to stop and rethink and try to work a lifestyle that fits a different outlook: work should fit around your school schedule. not the other way around. The amount of money you may lose by going to school will easily be made up for by the increased earning potential you will possess when you finish school. School is an investment in your mental expansion and growth. An investment. Gotta put something in to get something out.
I definitely miss school. I miss the lectures, the class work, the homework, the projects, everything. I just graduated high school and will be starting college and can't wait. It's such a drag that my college is on a quarter system, though, and classes don't officially start until September 24th. However, I get to go ten days earlier for orientation week, since I am a first year.
I am very happy with my free time right now and i wish never to go back to school. Althought it is my senior year so i guess it will be ok.
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