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hello everyone,

if you have time, please take a look at my site and send me a comment.
thank you in advance.
first of all, i would ask you to remove the dots(...) from the URL!!!

next, as concerns the theme, it is flash-based, and so, i don't like it much!!! it makes the loading of the page slower, but the actual flash work is really too cool!!! the colours are really nice.

also, it appears that you haven't put any content in "MY Works", and "About"!!!

overall, i would rate the site 5/10, bcos it is still under construction.

my final advice would be that you should NEVER submit sites that are under construction...

don't think i am too much of a critic, but trust me, it will help you one day!!! Very Happy
Navigation of your site is good .
I like your site a lot, but I must agree with one of the previous posts, loading of the flash makes the site a lot slower and it "scares" away some people. But over all your site if very nice, I like the flash a lot and it looks like you spent some time.

Hope this feedback helped!

hello guys. thanks you very much for the comments.
i'm sorry if i include "..." in the link of the site.

TO einstein:
thank you einstein. I'm glad to see a comment from you. but there is a problem. How can it be, that you can't view my works and about me?
my site is not underconstruction. It is fully functional. I am able to finish it, in just 1 week. I think the problem that you can't view my works and about me, because the your browser is still loading my site, the only thing that you should do to view the works and about me page is to wait until it is done loading. By the way, i don't know the problem to it. But why is it that the works page and about me page are the last to load?

TO insolent1:
thank you for the comment insolent1. It is a movie clip, and some actionscript. thank you.

TO Dakafall:
Thank you Dakafall. Yes. I know that flash sites are slow to load, but nowadays, internet connections are fast enough to load pages. And flash sites are good to the eyes. Thanks you very much.

Does anyone of you have your own sites?
please let me now, so we could share some opinions and suggestions in order to help one another.
thank you very much.
First off, i must say that it is very hard for me to even read your site...

I'm going to recommend something I never do. The Christian Science Monitor actually published something worth reading. Please read over it, and then consider how an atheist might view your site.... especially the last few paragraphs.
your website is down.......
To benjad:
Hello benjad, i'm not arguing on your beliefs, i don't care what you say to my site. I don't care what your religion is. I let you live your religious life so don't let me live mine in yours. And this is not a Religion Part of the forum.
So, if you have something to say about religion, post it on the right place.
I want to thank you for the comment and may GOD bless you.

To budazz:
Hello budazz, good day to you, thank you for your comment, i don't believe what you've just said....please try it again, its
thanks in advance, please be patient while viewing it, coz it's a pure flash site.
thank you and GOD bless
Well, since you are creating a site for people to enjoy mainly ( atleast that what i get when i see your site ) , so I find your site to be good. I mean for a user it is pretty comfortable and attracting too.

But once you want to monetize and extract profit out of your site. I guess Einstein's critical review ( Razz ) will be better. But whatever you do , always make sure that people come to your site because they like it. Do not change it so much that people have difficulty using it or may get turned off ( no pun intended )

Hello once again.
thank you KMKM. thank you very much for that comment. Don't worry, someday i will be creating a site that is not just for me. Coz my site right now is just my personal site.

So, thanks for your comment.
GOD bless.

Slow down a bit, you missed the point. Did you take a few minutes to read the article I linked to? From your reaction, I have to guess you didn't.

The article (in one of it's many points) talks about how many christians live so deeply inside their own subculture that folks from different cultures have a very hard time associating with them, or even understanding them. I think that is a serious threat to your site. It dilutes your message. It makes your message harder to read when you have to filter out all the other unnecessary references. And worse, it makes someone from an opposing culture completely turned off by your content.

Further, I look at each piece as something that could end up in someone's professional portfolio. As a potential hiring manager, I see a page where you have shown difficulty separating your sites message from your beliefs. Once again, this could be viewed as a problem by someone looking to hire you in the future.

Make no mistake about it, you have the flash part down pat. I just want you to be aware that your writing is a detractor to your site right now.

Please make no mistake about it. I am not attacking your religion. i have no real interest in arguing religion, because there is no logical way to argue it. If you want to argue morality.. I'm game. I think there is much to be gained in this arena.
Hello benjad,
I'm so sorry, if i misunderstood you. I'm so sorry.
Can you please help me, what more content could i add??
and what more modifications could i do???
If you have sometime, could you help me?
I will be so much happy if you could help me.
thanks in advance.

I'm sorry, I hope you could forgive me.
Thank you for your comment.
And thank you so much for the help.
your site navigation is very good..
Nice site. Here is what I think:

Too long of a load time although the little loading icon thing is super cool.
Get a favorite icon - they are cool.
Put actual links to your email address so people will be more likely to email you or if you want make a contact form which I feel is even better so you get less spam.
Nice job with the photo gallery!
Not to be mean but that flash took about 2 minutes to load, most people won't wait that long. Plus the flash based website can suck your bandwidth dry!

Other then that it was a excellent website.

You also might wanna post more you got a lot of negative forum points.
From what I saw, it looked pretty good! Nice work.
Although I will say the sounds are just a little annoying. ...But it's overall quality outweights that aspect.
Hello everyone.

thank you very much for all of your comments.
well, there will be always room for improvement.

I'm sorry if my site takes a long time to load, hmmm...
That's what it is. I don't know what tricks should i do, to make it
load fast.

Thank you very much for the comments.
GOD bless
I think your site is very well done. I don't have some 16 Mbit/s-connection, just a connection that tends between 3 and 6 Mbit/s, but I don't think your site is too big or takes a long time to load.
The site looks very nice and the navigation is quite well made. Maybe you should add a thumbnail menu to the photos, though.
Nice looking site. Very well designing in flash, but it does have one error, and it's just that, it's flash. Flash websites are not as big as they used to be. You should possibly look into getting a nice coded site. You can still have flash in it, such as navigation and all, but an entire site made out of flash is just not as appealing..
Using dialup, The loading animation was still saying 1% when I shut the tab after about 2 minutes. Sorry, the site is just way to slow for any dialup users. Is there any way you can optimise the flash?
Hia cool site but it des take so long to load withthe flash, maybe you can make up another site with the same information just without flash. then as you enter your page there you can choose to browse the flash website or the plain then you wont have people complaining because they have to wait for it to load. Just a suggestion.
Thank you.

TO: classical_c,
yes classical_c, i have thought of it too. hmmm.
by the way thanks for the suggestions. Thank you and GOD bless.

TO: jylan,
I'm sorry to tell you, i don't know any optimization on flash.
sorry. Thanks for the comment.

TO: jynxanims,
hehehe. thanks. ONE ERROR: FLASH.. Smile
Thanks for the comment. i hope i have some time to change it into
html format.

TO: Sphaerenkern,
thank you. I have already planned to add some thumbnail menu to the photos, but i think it wont fit, i have a lot of photos. my site is just 750 x 550. Smile . By the way thanks for the comment.
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