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Marathon Installation of 3+ Hours for Dreamweaver CS3

Hi all..

One great news for all designing friends here!
Most of the Adobe CS3 products are out from Adobe now!
And its the 1st time they are releasing a major version after renaming Macriomedia to Adobe!
The 30 Days Trail downloads are available for all from here:

Here are the quick links for major products:

Adobe Creative Suite® 3 Design Premium

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Standard

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Standard

Adobe Dreamweaver® CS3

Adobe Fireworks® CS3

Adobe Flash® CS3 Professional

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Ok.. Now come back to My Issue! Probably you will be here in this thread, by seeing such a catching title Wink

"Marathon Installation of 3+ Hours for Dreamweaver CS3"

I'm not kidding friend! Its the real fact guys! I had downloaded Adobe Dreamweaver® CS3 30 Days full working Train version from Adobe site today morning. and It was around 250 MB download installation size!

So, after downloading , I had tried to install the new Version on my PC..
But do u know guys, It took 3+ Hours to complete the installation!

Yes friends, Im not joking! Thats the fact!
It will show like this for around 3+ hours! Surprised

I dont know whether the problem is with my system or not!
Im having Pentium 4 Processor with 760 MB Ram

Remember the entire installation of Windows XP and Windows Vista will take only around 30-40 minutes!
But wats wrong with the installation of the Dreamweaver!

One more thing, in those 3+ hours installation, I was even not able to open a single window in my system!
The whole 3+ hours time, system was busy for full time!

The Setup process took all of my CPU and RAM! Sad
Anybody else had the same problem??? Is it because of my system configuration or not??? :unsure:
Reply with your reviews here!


I installed Adobe Flash CS3 and had same problems with the time (for me just in 30 min Shocked ) and the bad part was that when i wanted to unistall it, I spent again 30 min. for that Laughing

Did you tried to unistall Dreamweaver? I bet it will take at least 2 hours Laughing

I wonder how many hours you need to install the Creative Suite? Rolling Eyes Shocked
Photoshop gets installed in like 5 minutes..I have no idea why it take 3 hours for the whole suite to get installed...!!

One of my friends just installed the whole thing. Lemme verify it from him.

And yeah, the suite is worth the wait though.
one thing i dont like of the new installer of the adobe products is that it wont install if you only have 256 mb of requires 512mb at least
Installed in 10 minutes. The problem with CS3 is there are several shared components which take a lot of time to install. But I have had no problems at all. Installed the trial versions very quickly.
I have an AMD64 3000+ with a gig of RAM, Dreamweaver CS3 was up and running in 10 minutes. It's a little annoying that they bundled things like Adobe Bridge and what not with the installer. Useless for me, but Dreamweaver CS3 is worth it, just for the new AJAX framework (Spry).

Not a very noticeable upgrade from D8 if you leave Spry out.
I havent tried installing one of those program since Its very hard to find those software in computer stores in saudi arabia. I can download the trial versions but its gonna take me sometime.. anyway, I hope i can experince installing these programs so i can have something to say. anyhow, I agree with one of the respondents. Adobe programs really takes time to install to a moderate specs PC. That's all I can say for now.
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