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Crysis come with directx 10

mOrpheuS wrote:
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Set in the year 2020, you play as Jake Dunn, a united states delta force operater. Dunn along with his squad mates incuding a fleet of navy aircraft carriers, have been sent to investigate an asteroid which has mysteriously crashed into the Spratly Islands.

The North Korean Government quickly seal off the island chain before the US arrive. On arrival, it's your job to force your way through 100's of korean militants with the goal of getting closer to the asteroid. Amid rising tensions between the US and North Koreans, the asteroid suddenly bursts open, revealing a massive 2km high alien ship. The ship generates an immense ice sphere, freezing a vast portion of the island and drastically altering the global weather system. The invasion of Earth has begun.

The two rival nations unite to stop the aliens and save mankind. The newly formed alliance fight epic battles against the marauding Aliens. With hope rapidly fading, the player must lead a crack squad through lush tropical jungle, harsh frozen landscapes, and finally, into the heart of the alien ship itself for the ultimate Zero G encounter with the aliens.

As you play through the story, many intriguing questions will be asked and answered and the sad history of Jake Dunn will slowly be revealed.

The story contains many dynamic and persistant elements. You'll often receive optional missions which offer rewards to those willing to take them on. The outcome of your missions won't be decided until you play them. More is yet to be learnt about the dynamics of the story.

Gameplay Elements of Crysis

Natural Events & Disasters: Crytek is pushing hard to make the Crysis world more believable and exciting than any other game. The world will act and react like the real world with things like dynamic weather, physical wind, varying temperatures and disasters. What does "disasters" mean you may ask, well things like earthquakes, tornadoes and maybe tsunamis. This should make things very interesting in combination with the destructible environments.

Dynamic Day & Night: In all games up until now, the game would always wait for you before it progressed in time. In Crysis, the game continues on regardless of how long you are taking. So, if aliens are attacking and you're not helping anyone, the situation is going to get worse and worse. But the great thing is, the game won't force you to do anything, you can do it all at your own pace or even skip certain missions. But you may suffer the consequences.

Mission Dynamics: Not all missions in Crysis are compulsary. But if you complete an optional mission, you will usually get rewarded. As well as the ability to skip some missions, the outcomes of certain missions will vary, and so the lead up to the next mission will be different both ways. You will play with squad mates during certain missions, however if one dies, you won't ever see him again and so future missions may become more difficult.

Interactive and Destructible Environments: This probably has the biggest effect on gameplay. It's certainly the most unique feature to Crysis. Your actions and how you fight will directly effect the environment in either a positive or negative way. If you're playing online for example, and you find a good camping spot behind a tree. The next time you join a server, someone may have blown that tree up so now you will instantly have to change your tactics to adapt to the dynamic and ever changing environment. The AI also needs to be smart enough to adapt to this very dynamic and ever changing environment. The natural disasters mentioned above will be as destructible as you'd expect, but there's also non-natural distasters in Crysis such as nuclear bombs which can literally flaten the surrounding environment on a scale never before seen in a video game.

Weapon Modifications: You will have the ability to add and remove attachments such as scopes, lasers and flashlights while also having the ability to adjust what method of attack you wish to use. You may change your ammunition to a tranquilizer for a softer approach, or use explosive bullets for that little extra warmth. The combinations are almost endless and every weapon has some kind of customizable componant.

Vehicle Modifications: In the power struggle multiplayer mode, you'll be able to capture alien technologies and use them on your own human vehicles. You can mix and match just about anything. For example, you could replace the .50 cal machine gun on your jeep with an alien freeze ray. This will create some interesting and possibly 'odd' gameplay.

Nano-Muscular Suit: The year is 2020, of course there has to be some hi-tech suit. Your suit can perform many things, as long as it has the power to do so. In different situations you will require different enhanced attributes. If you want to take the fast and agile approach, you would set your suit to speed as an example, but as a consequence, you will not only lose power from your suit, but you will decrease your other attributes. So it's extremely important to adjust your suit perfectly to match your tactics and the situation. The different suit functions are speed, strength, armor and cloak. I think you can work out for yourself what each function does.

Dynamic Story: The plot is set, but the rest is up to you. While some missions will be forced, others will be optional. Optional missions usually end with some kind of reward and they have the potential to alter the rest of the story. Crysis has what the CEO of Crytek likes to call a multi-threaded storyline. This means every major character has a storyline of their own, this includes your squad mates. If you let a squad mate die for example (mentioned above), it may make your future missions a little tougher, or you may have to find an alternative to a certain task.

Another thing about the story is this. There are no cut scenes, nor is there anyone telling you what to do (not directly or constantly anyway). The story will unfold around you, its your job to find out what's going on. You need to keep your eyes open and ears tuned. A squad mate may mention to another squad mate that there is a weak spot to destroying one of the alien crafts. If you don't hear what that is, your going to have to kill it the hard way. That's just one, there will be things like that the whole way through Crysis.

game video

for information
crysis is very impressive.... a pc may actually be affordable by the time the game comes out to run it.
There already exists another thread about crysis, please continue this discussion there.

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