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SimCity 3000

I still play it I love that game I use cheats, but that's because I want to make a large town quick, without worrying about financials Smile
I love it when commercial buildings are skycrapers, the houses are villas and the airport is large Razz
Share your thoughts about this game. Smile
I have played it. It was fun in the beginning but when I realise that the game had nothing to do with the year 3000 I was not that funny. New buildings and things was cool but they stoped to come after some years in the game and I only played for some more than 100 years.

Otherwise it was fun. but too shot to be fun. I played it without cheats as I can't see the fun of cheating.
I used to enjoy Simcity 2000 when I was younger. We had it on the Macs at my primary school in 1995 and we'd all compete (by cheating) to see who could make big cities. I got Simcity 3000 for a present a few years ago.

But the thing is... I'm over the game. It's got its charm, but it gets old quickly.
I also think it got old quick, i played for some hours then it was just like the old ones...
I just like taking a prebuilt and disastering it to the ground. Why build your own and destroy it, that takes too long :p
I started with SimCity on Super Nintendo, and that was a lot of fun. Then I moved up to SimCity 2000, which was awesome because I also had Streets of SimCity and SimCopter, so I could drive and fly around all my cities, and make fun race course towns. They really need to remake Streets of SimCity, with SimCity 4 or whatever's coming out next.

On SimCity 2000, I loved the randomly generated events in the newspaper, and the llama fascination. Then in 3000 they had the news ticker, which was also llama-filled and hilarious.

After that I got SimCity 4, which was really great because it was true 3D, and it had the connected regions. It wasn't as funny as previous titles, but it was still a lot of fun, and looked nice, though it ran kinda slow on my computer because of it.
These are old games people. Get out of them and start playing the new ones. Duh..! Move on now already..
iNs@nE wrote:
These are old games people. Get out of them and start playing the new ones. Duh..! Move on now already..

Umm, 99% of the new games released nowadyas are total crap. The older ones still entertain most of us, even me. THAT'S the quality of a good game. Not some 6 month tossed together POS to make a quick buck
Just ignore the heathen, he probably plays Runescape anyway...
David_Pardy wrote:
Just ignore the heathen, he probably plays Runescape anyway...

Can't stand that game Laughing
i like that game but now i love playing nba live 2k7
yeah, never really got the sim series, i just never saw the fun in it. i prefer more action games.
I played this was great at first but like others say it got old quick. I agree with Packfan104L4. 99% of new games released nowadays are complete and utter rubbish they don't have a good plot or anything most games are based on gfx nowadays they think that if the gfx are good then the game will be good but that's not true. I still play sonic now and then 2D game but it's really fun i can complete it in a day but still i like it. Take mario for example pure classic that can keep you entertained 'cause you know you like it. It has a good storyline and is very entertaining. Sorry for going a bit off topic now back to the topic at hand. I bought The Sims and some expansion packs too i like this series just because you are in control of what's happening to your own place. These games are life simulators and this is what i like about them most.
Bought Restaurant Empire like 2 weeks ago and Im utterly addicted. It's fun trying to put up with annyoing people that think your food is too expensive.

It's not the ease of simulation games that I like. When they program in difficulties and twists, THAT'S when I get addicted.
I can never get cheats to work, I have the game which I never play because I can't cheat Very Happy. I am a cheater. Sometimes a play games without cheats but Sim City I have to.
I played SimCity once at my nephews' but I never realy liked it tbh.
I remember when I was really into this game. Me and my friend used no cheats to fill up a whole Large Map with clean industries, split in the middle by a river and a coastline at the bottom. I think we made over 7 figures per month ... virtually of course.
Oops, double post. This can be removed, or something.
I like the idea of Sim City, but it developed too far away from its first version.
Oh Sim city.....takes me back to my developmental years Cool
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