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Increase My bandwidth Please....

Hey currently m using 9gb Bandwidth per Month But Seems thats its Too short for me for daily above 1000 visitors, Please Updayte my bandwidth limit to 17 to 20 Gb per Month..

Please do it fast so my web cant close because of exceed bandwidth quota..
Really surprising... I thought 5GB is enough for normal usage..

abviously 1000 visitors/day takes more bandwidth..
anyway...could you share your url...

may be i am your visitor..
Frihost offers the same hosting package to everyone, and we do not offer increased bandwidth to any of our users. I'm sorry to say that if your bandwidth quota for the month is used up, your site will be offline until next month.

It does sound as though your bandwidth usage is higher than normal - do you offer file downloads? If so, try hosting these on external file hosting sites. Likewise, you could save bandwidth by hosting any of your site's larger images on sites like photobucket or imageshack.
You just need to make your site less bandwidth inefficient;
  • Remove all your horrible tables, use DIVs instead!
  • Move all styling to an external stylesheet
  • gzip pages

This should decrease your page file sizes about 50-60%

Other bandwidth saving things to do;
  • Disable hotlinking
  • Optimize images hosted on your server
  • Host some images elsewhere (eg. imageshack)
well i didn't put anything that ask to download except few videos but have very few visitors on that page.. else my page contain large pictures Well It dont Take Too much bandwidth

Well my site is and bandwidth usage is 6 out of 9 Well i dun think so my web gona run for more than 5 days... and a whole half month is left

Aaah thats mean that i have to upload my whole Web on another Webhosting... God... Please Save me from this Big headach... Please increase my bandwidth upto 5Gb more.. Please please Please...........
Your pages (average of a few) are about 600-700KB each !!! Mostly comprising images ...

You should seriously consider using an image host.
if your having bandwidth issues then its probably because your site is bocoming popular. You should buy real hosting if your having that kinda problem Cool
LOlz.. I buyied my own site Now its Banned on google adsense because of some tricks LOlz.. thats y m on This hosting.. Well its Pretty good But want More Bandwidth... Can i buy bandwidth with frih$ or with google checkout? I will pay for you... Because If I buy a new domain hosintg than will have To make More effort to derive traffic..

Please Understand... Increase my bandwidth.... or else i will pay you with google checkout..
secondeye wrote:
Please Understand... Increase my bandwidth.... or else i will pay you with google checkout..

Please understand... We can not and will not increase your bandwidth.. there is no account for you to pay!

Your options:
- Try to decrease your bandwidth usage following guidelines in this topic
- Wait until a shop has been coded and you can buy more bandwidth (you CANNOT buy more bandwidth until this time)
- Move to another host
- Host certain files at another host

As we currently can't do what you ask (increase your bandwidth), I'll -close- this topic.
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