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Install Ubuntu over existing Suse10.2

I have configured my computer to boot from XP and SUSE 10.2.

Now I have downloaded Ubuntu 7.04 Desktop, and would like to load it over the SUSE, but I am in a multi-boot using Master Booter (MRBOOT).

Anyone can advice, how I should load ubuntu without destroying my XP?

Many thanks.
I assume Ubuntu has an option to reuse your existing Linux partitions, and it will install a either lilo or grub which can be used to select an OS at boottime. HTH.
If you're not too picky about which boot loader that you use, you could let Ubuntu overwrite mrbooter. It'll still boot both operating systems. Or, you could do the same thing that you did when you installed Suse. It shouldn't do anything to your Windows partition (just be sure to pick the right one when installing, of course). Just don't let Ubuntu install a boot loader.

If you have your Windows CD, it won't matter either way, as long as you don't install over Windows. You can recover a botched boot loader situation by putting in your Windows disk and running the Recovery Console from it. You can restore your XP (NTLOADER) boot loader by typing "fixboot" and "fixmbr". On reboot, you should be able to get into Windows. Of course, your Linux installation won't be seen, but you could try adding the mrbooter back again.

Hope this helps point you in a few other directions. Good luck with the install.
Thank you qscomputing.

Thank you Corey for the additional details on possible mess-up, and recovery from the installation over the existing SUSE.

Yes, I do recall needing to fixboot and fixmbr in some past installations, but do hope this will not happen.

Will try to start the Ubuntu installation next week, but still fearing the problem with drivers for the various HW on my notebook. SUSE seem to have quite a complete set of drivers even for notebooks.

Any idea on the comprehensiveness of Ubuntu's drivers?
Studio Madcrow
Frankly, SuSE is the superior product to Ubuntu, so I have no idea as to why you would want to replace one for the other. That said, Ubuntu's install should be fairly automatic.
Good to hear about comparison on Suse and Ubuntu.

Frankly, it is because several people have expressed the user friendliness and Windows alike nature of Ubuntu, that attracts my interest to find out, if Ubuntu is a better option for myself.

I have little problems with SUSE 10.2, (on area of installing the GRUB that comes with SUSE 10.2, and some configuration issues), and do find SUSE 10.2 much better than earlier versions of Redhat and another variant (forgtten, as I eventually load SUSE over that PC) of Linux.

Yes, maybe I should find out more on the comparation before installing Ubuntu on one of my PC or notebook.

Thanks for surfacing this consideration.
Why not play with the Live CD for a bit. If you like what you're using, install it (of course, you'll see its a lot faster than when running off the CD).

I don't know how the comparison would be between both, as Suse is the only major Linux distro that has never installed on any of the computers that I've tried. I don;t understand it either. I have normal hardware and Suse seems to have a problem with the hardware every time. One of these days I'll try it again.

Good luck with whatever choice you make.
If you like SuSE I'd stick with it. Ubuntu is kind of overhyped imho. (If anything the name is terrible.)
Arnie wrote:
If you like SuSE I'd stick with it. Ubuntu is kind of overhyped imho. (If anything the name is terrible.)

I like that name, means a lot more then SuSE.
I have never used SuSE though, so I can't be of much help though.
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