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Leaf blowing music - with evidence on YouTube

I am looking for help to learn this technique to make music with ordinary leaf. Some call this gum leaf blowing. I have recorded in and put the video on

Here is the URL

I was unable to meet Mr. Ricky again, else I would definitely asked him to teach me.

He holds the leaf on its side, sort of making a bend on the edge and held the bend between his lips and blow.

I tried and my wife tried, all we could produce is lots of hissing and hot air.

Anyone can help?
That's crazy, it must have taken him many a year to have that much control over pitch.
He is able to play various songs, that is not the only song he palyed on the day I met him.

That is where I like those who knows or can help to advice.

Yap, sound difficult, but it is a technique that is sure interesting to learn.

Keep the advice coming.
from where i come from, we use candy wrappers.
Cool! I didn't think it was possible to make so many different sounds with it Surprised ...until now.
I guess those with plastic and a layer of aluminium foil could be used.

The technique Mr Ricky used is not holding the leaf edge straight, but he bend the edge of the leaf, so that the small bend touches the top of his lip, and the rest of the leaf rest on his lower lip.

The air flows out between the upper lip and the small bend portion of the leaf. This is how he shows it to me.

More advice please here is the url to the YouTube video

Help, help.
A recent check on Google for YouTube and "leaf blowing" music, I discovered since I first place my video of Mr. Ricky - many others have also begin to put their video of leaf blowing music.

There is one from China, one from India (during a music competition), and several from US and EU.

I was glad, to be the first to do it (not that I was the one who does the leaf blowing) - putting Mr. Ricky's leaf blowing music on YouTube.

When I first put it up - leaf blowing in YouTube means using a electric wind blower (for blowing leaves around). One of the video on this type of leaf blowing - show a man pointing the blast of wind at his own face, resulting in many faces - some resembling those made by Mr. Bean.

Now leaf blowing - when search on Google and YouTube means making music with the leaf.

Those who are still not convinced, try searching Google with these keywords
YouTube "leaf blowing" music

You will find my entry right on top followed by several others.

Anyone knows Mr. Ricky's contact - I am still looking for him - hopefully able to learn the trade from him.

With regards.
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