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Harry Potter Fansite - Visit and help improve

55 new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix pictures added.

Plz Visit Harry Potter Fansite and help improve.

It is a site dedicated to Harry Potter fans:

Welcome to Harry Potter Shrine, a site dedicated to Harry Potter and all Harry Potter fans. I myself am a great Harry Potter fan. I have read all the Harry Potter books, watched all the Harry Potter Movies and have played and completed all the Harry Potter games released so far. I have been to many Harry Potter sites. All of them focus on only a small part of the huge Harry Potter world. So, far, I haven't seen any Harry Potter fansite with info on Harry Potter games. As I'm a walkthrough writer myself, I decided to write some walkthroughs for the Harry Potter games. I have put them all for download here. I'm going to add info on the most of the memebrs crew of the movie and "professional" reviews on all Harry Potter books, games and movies soon.
There are hundreds of fan site related to HP, why another...

Recently I went through a BlackSirius portall

Actually, I am pretty impressed by the site. The header is good, and the content is too. The thing I would suggest changing is the content placement. On the homepage, the top text is pretty too much close to the header. And um..use an image to say UPDATES. It doesn't stand out at all.

This is a pretty good site, just improve it!
Only Little content, Layout is simple ... too simple - it's only banner on one Background...
I think that this is because You want to have good "content to code" proportion ...
In my opinion the site is just another "Designed and made for AdSense" Smile
It isn't bad thing ... but in Your case... You need more content because now ... i don't see anything Smile

PS. It's only my opinion - i may be wrong about this AdSense thing Smile
Thanks for the kind infos.

I'm about to change the layout soon. I can't do much coz I get only 2.5hrs/week time coz of some personal probs. :*(
Digital Thoth
Heh, it wouldn't let me read it at all. I'm not sure why, but it's saying there's an internal reader error. Might want to look into it, and see what's up.

Other than that I can't offer anything...hopefully it'll be back up soon so I can help with the site.
Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

this is the error for me!!! Sad
Yes. Even I get the same error as Einstein.
Though one think I must say , that you got a good domain name Smile considering the number of Harry Potter Fan Site popping up.

Well, the internal server error problem has been fixed.
It's not actually all THAT bad. Has an okay design and such, just needs some tidying up. It looks messy when you first see it. Just needs some, idk, flavor. Keep at it, though!
Not too shabby. Could possible do something with the content of the site, it just looks plain on the same background as the background of the page. Keep workin on it and experimenting Smile
Thanks for the infos.


I actually enjoy making the site.
Digital Thoth
Suprisingly, I was impressed with the look and feel of the site, although it does resemble another HP site that I've seen before. Maybe it was just where you go the idea? At any rate, kudos on the nice looking site, and hopefully you're as excited as I am about the next movie, and book.
Ya I am; as much as anyone else.

Harry Potter books rule.
So do Harry Potter movies.
I like Harry Potter Games too.

BTW, I have updated the site for a better feel.
Site updated with more contents.
Plz visit.
Master Yoda
There are so many Harry Potter fan sites out there.. but I did like this one.. nice work.. as someone said, the header is great.. and yeah, even the domain name is good.. well thought out, I'd say..

Overall, a good site..
Yes, your website isn't that bad.
I am surprised by the numeruos photos you have. I am just thinking if you will be charged for the copyright matter. By the way, there are more than enough Harry Potter fans web, and it doesn't seems that your site is very outstanding. Will there be any traffic to your site... Worrying?

Wink Good luck! Regards
I can't be charged for copyright cause of my ToS (make right now).
Thanks for the info.
Constructing a gallery.
Visit and click on the "latest updates" link to make your way to 55 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix pics.

Reviews and suggestion on any part of the site are welcomed.
The layout, information, and pictures are nice, but it all seems a tad cluttered.

i try to resize the my browser into 800x600 and abracadabra,.. Very Happy the horizontal scrollbar raised up. so, i think u should consider people who still use 800x600 resolution.
using liquid div if possible.

color selection is good but the column design is not so HP, u need more HP feel in there.

overall, nice site. Smile
No thank you, I prefer a solid layout.
Also, color theme for HP will be greatly appreciated.
I really like the format of your website. One thing I noticed, though, was that the navigation bar on the left, at the top on the left it looks a little pixelated. Not terribly pixelated, only slightly.

Just thought I'd throw that little tidbit of information in.

Thanks a lot for the comment.
More comments are welcome Smile
Well, It was kinda slow maybe just me but anyway I do really like the banner you have there.

Keep it up Smile
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