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NEED HELP with NetMos 9815 under windows vista (solved)

I have a Dell Dimension E520 with no parallel port, my client needs to print using a fox 2.5 developed program for check printing, needless to say how important is that for them.

The thing is, he used to print that in an older computer he had, now we sold him this new computer, the computer works fine, but has no parallel port so I installed a NetMos 9815 I/O Controller, the darn thing is properly installed, no conflicts at all, the ports appear in the device manager, but when I try to install a printer, it says that it is an invalid port.

Over time, I decided to format the computer, wich has MICROSOFT WINDOWS VISTA (32 BITS) and install winxp sp2, because I tested the card in xp and it works just fine. But the computer shows a god damn blue screen, (sorry'bout my french) and doesn't let me install, I thought it might be the recovery partition, so I used a brand new SATA hard drive, and got the very same blue screen, I'm getting a little bit nutz here.

Can anybody helpme please??? I'm at the bottom with this one.
people say, it's hard to face how dum can one be, but anyway, I will admit it, I were dum enough as to ignore I had to load SATA drivers in the winxp installation process, I haven't done that before, so I ignored it, that's the reason for the blue screen, I admit I wansn't clear enough with my problem description. Sorry guys, I was desperate.

I've fixed my problem completely, thanks anyway.

My client is printing just fine right now with his two brand new parallel ports, due to in my zone, we have a huge lack of computer related products. If someone of you want to become a rich man, come to Honduras, and sell computers accesories or peripherals that are not the basics. Sorry for leaving the main porpuse of the topic.

I'll write something another day, greating to all of you.
I did the exact same thing to that model for the radio station, and I completely forgot about the SATA drivers as well!! I had to grab a floppy from an old computer to get them loaded. Glad to see that you got it working again!
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