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website design, graphic design...

something im good at...

should i offer these services to others for a price?

also, any tips on how i should set this up.. its gonna b done mainly over the net, through a site i'll make..

any suggestions on prices, ideas... etc etc, much appreciated
mhm u talking about money ?? mhm i dont think i should do that in first place, try to build up your name( give it out to the world) ket ppls know who you are, make some free templates... when its many ppls who wants your templates then u can take a price a small price on the start,
" Begin small, then you get bigger "
raine dragon
Generally, it's easier to find small jobs in real life to build a portfolio with first. Even just charity work will get your name out there (I'm currently working on a site for a non-profit youth sports league) and get you some experience. Offer your service to small, local business and groups. Then, once you have some work experience, random strangers online will be a lot more willing to consider hiring you for work, because you have shown yourself to have talent and to some degree, integrity.
Put together a portfolio. If yu can show people that you are good at design, it is certainly a marketable skill! Consider partnering with someone who has complementary skills.
I for one, am great at the coding end of things, but not so great at graphics or project management - so I like to team up with designers and teams on on projects. It's a good way to learn, and also to make contacts!
you can make good money on selling templates/coding sites.... depending on how good the template is and if your actually php coding the site or not.
I'd say yeah, offer it for a price. People go to school to do that and makes lots of money doing it. It's a big industry, if you're good at it and enjoy doing it, why not get paid for it?
mhm ofc take a price for it, but not so high at the first weeks. then u can rise!!! hehe EX: 2 USD for a template next week: 5 USD hehe then u can riise what evea u want to do
You may try to work as FreeLancer Smile

I found a site about this kind of working Smile

It's not my site Smile I jus't post it because there are lot of informations about working as freelancer Smile

When You make some Layouts (with backlink to Your portfolio) You will promote your brand (name... portfolio... You as designer/coder) and earn some cash Smile
ok thanks 4 the knowledge ppl.. yea, i done years of work for people.. built my own sites, a couple of them.. i maintain others sites and do graphic design for there sites... so im starting to build a small portfolio there, i also do mixtape covers etc etc... ill keep doin free projects for the time being, see what the interest is like... then think about a small price...

also, ye.. i code all sites by hand, php... i dont use software to create sites
build a myspace and become a millionaire. haha jokes. i'd say go with what you want ,its your life dont let others make choices for you. not meaning to sound mean if i am by the way, just trying to let you know Wink
Hobbit join that site and you can learn a lot about this.
There are a lot of people out there doing just this.
So you had better be good!
I'm agree, build up your name first.. and most importantly try to make a portfolio of sites you've done. Try to make websites for your friens for free, or make your own site better. I t would be a good way to start.
Personally, I know I'm good at both of those aspects (may be getting an intership at IBM over the summer because of it). Yeah, if you're really good at it, make a portfolio or something and go ahead and make some kash...
I agree with the previous posters...start off small, do a little pro bono work and work for free. Unless you're extremely skilled and adept with web design, most people aren't all that likely to hire you without a living, breathing portfolio--and one that stands out, too, at that. A good book to buy every year is the (2007) Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market (by Mary Cox and Michael Schweer) gives you a range of ideas about pricing and whatnot, what places pay this for's a good tool to have and make reference to. Start off small, get your name out, start with family and friends and ask them if anyone they know may need help...but don't expect the big bucks at first. It'll take some time, and it's good for you also to get more comfortable and familiarized with being able to meet deadlines and conform to what your client wants.
Congrats! Many people don't have a clue about what they want to do in life or what actually they are good at! U may want to put your designs online for free download at . U can see how may people appreciate ur design by checking number of downloads. Also u can put them at DeviantArt and people will start commenting. Then try your luck at or Also develop your own website and create your portfolio there. Start blogging about design. Blogging is a new way of marketing. I wish u Good luck with all this.
My friend did above things and now he is a ful time free lancer and makes 3 to 4K dollars a month doing PHP-Mysql scripting. Not just that he gives work to 2 other designers to design those websites.
I've actually started doing a bit of design and coding, mostly through craigslist. It's a great place to start out and although the rates tend to be pretty low (I only pull in about $20 an hour or so) you can use that to build up some professional experience. If you ever get the chance, put together a portfolio site for yourself, this seems to help a lot and give people the idea that you're some kind of professional Razz
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