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Any Chetan Bhagat's fan out there ??

Hey! Has anyone of you read the 2 bestsellers by Chetan Bhagat ?? Well I liked them a lot.

He studied at The Army Public School, Delhi (1978-1991) and graduated from IIT Delhi (1991-1995). He completed his post-graduate studies from IIM Ahmedabad (1995-1997). At IIM Ahmedabad, he received a medal for the 'best outgoing student award'. He has been working in Hong Kong with Goldman Sachs, an investment bank, since 1999.

His first book, Five Point Someone - What not to do at IIT (May 2004) is a novel about three boys who join IIT Delhi and try to cope with the notoriously heavy workload of the institute. This book has continued to stay on the India Today bestseller list ever since its publication (140 weeks in January 2007). It won him the Society Young Achiever's award in 2004 and the Publisher's Recognition award in 2005.

His second book, One Night @ the Call Center, was released in India in October 2005 and continues to be a bestseller as of January 2007. The book is about six people who work at a Call Center and one night which changes it all for them. The book will release in US/UK by Random House in May 2007.
I'm not a fan, but his books are good for a light reading.
I have read both "One nite at the call centre" and "Fove point someone".

Five point.... was okay. I didnt like one nite... I thought it was too "filmi".

I'm not a fan, but his books are good for a light reading.

Agreed^. Ditto.
As already mentioned, Chetan Bhagat's books are just a light read. They are not worth being classified as good fiction even.. maybe something like 'trash fiction', I would say.. I read Five Point Someone.. just to find out what all the hype and hoopla was about!
i have read chetan bhagat's "five point someone" and "one night@the call center"..Even though i read and i liked these books i have not become a fan of him.The thing is that there are some minus points in the book.Though i am not a great writer or critic as a reader i feels so..Also remember that there are some writers who makes us fall for them even with their very first book itself.Unfortunately Chetan could not achieve that.I wont say that books by them are not worth reading,but they are only to be read once...To know more about Chetan Bhagat log on to
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