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Ever got into fights?

Did you ever get into fights, while in school/college/elsewhere? Regularly? How bad were they? Ever you had to undergo councelling? Question

Me- I was kinda an examplerary kid. Kinda nauseating now that I think of it but I was pretty much loved by all. Also I religiously avoided those who didn't like me that much. Smile
Well, I always was a big guy, so people usually avoid me.
I had few "fights" (like every normal kid) when I was in the elementary school, but nothing special.
Helios wrote:
Well, I always was a big guy, so people usually avoid me.
I had few "fights" (like every normal kid) when I was in the elementary school, but nothing special.

You know, two of my friends would be what you call "big guys" and people do tend to stay out of their way but in reality they are the two most peace loving people I know - apart from me of course. Wink
raine dragon
nope. I was the quiet one who sat in the back of the room with a book. no one ever noticed me enough to want to hit me, and I've never hit anyone in my life.
Never been in a fight. People always knew I was first kyu in judo, so everybody automatically assumed I'd kick their butts.

Kind of funny, because I always was smallest in the class. Now I'm average length, so it turned out alright.
I've never been in a fight myself, what can i say, i am not a very violent person, i try talk with my mouth and not with my fists.. unless it is completely necessary
Well, the only way I think I'd get into a fight is if I went out looking for trouble...or someone really has it in for me. I'm pretty mild most of the time, and I almost never get mad at people. Though I'm known to have bouts of uncontrollable rage against my wireless connection...
I tend to fight alot not because I'm very aggressive or violent in my actions, but simply because I'm a really small guy (103 pounder) and usually when people don't feel so good about themselves, they turn to us smaller kids for an ego boost. Through wrestling, jiu-jitsu and the the sheer will to survive, I've turned into a pretty good fighter. I let myself become a bit cocky however, so I've earned a reputation as a so called "beast", which in practice only means that kids who want to prove themselves as tough look for more opportunities to pick a fight with me. As much time as I spend in combat sports, I've become truly sick of it. There's no satisfaction to be had in putting some total moron who's trying to act tough around his peers to the ground, although I still find it necessary in almost a weekly basis.
I tried to start a fight when this guy was throwing verbal punches one time, but he backed down.

I fought with some friends, just for fun, like in "fight club". I got a lot of scratches all over my body and a "purple paint" in my arm.
I was in 4 or 5 fights during my life, all times for stupid reasons at all, but one was because I was very drunk and one friend of mine spitted on my beer. I got really mad and this fight was the most violent. We both got very hurted. The other day we just didn't remember what happened and took a beer together Very Happy

It is nice to fight when the fighters have true honor.
Nope, I just aimed to stay out of the way & never piss anyone off.
Same goes for me.
I don't like the idea of me going home with bruises and cuts.
Fights seldom happen in my school, though.
Well, I was in quite a few fights in my life, but they weren't because i wanted to beat/mug someone, they were mostly self defense or were justified (like f.e the other guy did something to one of my friends etc.).
Usually I don't have any problems with people harrasing me, even though i live in one of the most dangerous towns in my country i feel kinda safe and fighting is really the last resolve for me.
There was this one time I got into a fight with a girl, unfortunately I got all the damages. I never hit the a girl, now before i was able to remember and in my terrible two age I'm not sure. I could have got her in major trouble but i told the cops it was fine. My face was kind what messed up for a month, people even called me wimp,loser,weak. However I had the better side of it, if i did hit her i could have did more damage. She did end up doing community service. Now we are friends surprising.... I know!
Generally no i dont fight.... but there are a bunch of people who are like.. ok lets go then... funny thing is... im always twice their size and alot stronger than them.. so its funny.... i just ignore em.
I never got into fights, just got jumped. Twice infact. Most of the time I kept myself to myself though and stayed away from those I didn't consider friends.
I got into more than my fair share of fights as a teen, and more than my share as an adult. I was never a bully...I just wouldn't (and still won't) back down.
Never got in a fight, but on my school there was hardly ever a fight at al.
never. just with my sister and brother but it was in childhood...
hi all,

I was quiet in school mostly, and tho I hung with the popular kids I myself was not. The only time I actually hit someone was when I was in elementary school...It was lunch time and I wanted to eat, but most of the kids were running around the classroom and stuff. So I went to the back of the class and sat in an empty seat in a corner.
So I opened up my lunch and take one bite and this guy (who's seat I was in) came rushing into the classroom and saw me at his desk and swept my lunch to the floor with his hand and shouted at me to get up from his seat.
I got sooo angry...not cause he wanted his seat, but cause he threw away my lunch...
He cornered me when I did not move from his seat and I got up as if I was gonna move and grabbed him by the head and slammed him into the wall I was leaning on...
He tried to fight back, but he got soo many blows all he could do was block as if lenox lewis had him cornered!

After that I never got into another fight, I guess cause I realized I can hurt someone really bad.
Captain Fertile
I only got into a couple of fights at school. I was pretty quiet at school and did all I could to avoid fights most of the time but I did have my moments.

On the whole I reckon I probably had a lot less fights than the average school kid.
I always manage to avoid fights. Don't know why people don't feel like punching me, but somehow I never got into real problems. Don't want to change that Smile
wow, reading these posts makes me feel lucky haha. From K-12 i never got in a single fight, not even almost. I've shoved a kid before for talking shit, but other then that nothing. I want to keep it that way too, not to mention the fact that im on probation and i'd get locked up if i got in trouble. BUT, i have a feeling shit will hit the fan soon because lately theres been this guy bugging me and hes got something coming to him Smile hah wow, i bet i sound like a psycho Razz
I always get in fights. The worse one was when my friend was getting beat up and I jumped in and socked the guy as hard as I could. I dislike a lot of people in my school and I want to kick their asses.
Yeh a couple of fights as a kid, but nothing much. I'm more a lover than a fighter I think. Plus these days I would rather solve things with words.
Hi guys just wanted to add my 2 cents. I too was a big guy and I guess that is the reason why I have hardly had to fight someone. I am a gentle guy at heart and I hate to have to fight someone over anything, but I guess sometimes you are left with no choice but to fight. Although I am glad that I haven't had to fight anyone since Middle School. It is better that way I guess. Ok that's enough Zen for today Smile
I've only been in two 'fights' at school... The first one the guy threw a really pissy punch at my head so I retaliated in kind and hit him hard enough to make him think... The second was with a friend who was really, really pissing me off, so I nailed him in the gut, he got me in the face but I was too pissed off at him to care. Then the teacher separated us.

I've also copped a few punches from people in situations where I could do nothing back, although when I was 11 I was being harassed by some older guys at a swimming stadium, they started pushing me around (I was sitting, it's hard to describe) so I ended up pushing one of them backwards with my leg, he caught it (he would have fallen backwards down the stadium... not good) and launched this massive punch straight into my nose Smile. I was in shock, it didnt' really hurt, but I was bawling my eyes out and my nose was bleeding like nothing else Smile.

My teacher didn't like me though, so nothing was done about it even though there were witnesses. Ahh well.

These days I try to keep a low profile. I train in Bujinkan budo-taijutsu, and try to not advertise as such but I have a real passion for it and I tend to talk to my friends about it when I think about it. It's really satisfying, because it's full contact, trained in realistic situations - ie., if you don't move, you're going to get hit, and if you don't react appropriately, you're going to get hit again, or the tables turned on you, or whatever. I've copped more fat lips from my training than from 'real life' Smile. Also, the pain builds character.

But yeah.. Never been in a serious fight. If I saw someone being beaten up though, or outnumbered or whatever, I would jump in and help them out, even if it turned out worse for me, I can't just stand by and watch someone get belted by cowards who can't fight alone or who use weapons.
Manus et Therion
I was involved in a few fights as a school kid. I've only lost one fight in my life - after losing that fight, and getting my tooth chipped as a result - my uncle (who had done time in California prisons) decided to teach me how to fight. I was about 12 years old at that time. I haven't lost since.

The last fight I was in was in 1988. I lived in a brownstone apartment complex and was having a little party in my apartment. A neighbor knocked on my door. He and I had had a verbal confrontation earlier that day over his treatment of his girlfriend who had found out she was pregnant and he had been very cruel to her when being informed. I was there as an emotional support to her and when that confrontation lead to some angry words, she ended up staying with me for a few days then on and this was the day after she moved out of my place back with her parents. Anyway... he comes into my place and claims he wants to "deliver an apology." He hit me in the eye. Next then? I whooped his behind good! Then we, my party mates and I, dumped his unconscious body back into his apartment. He says he woke up the next day still bleeding and had to get stitches at the hospital.

I don't particularly like having to fight. But I will if I have to.
I never really got into a fight at school, although I did punch people sometimes when they were really pissing me off, but usually that was only one punch or so and they didn't dare retaliate.
I never had a big fight. I was once bitten by a guy that was one year older but the following year I grew up to be taller and bigger than him and he never tried that again
Did get into a few physical fights when I was back in school but those eventually turned verbal as I grew up and now I rarely get into fights..

It's always better to opt outta time coz they are nothing but a pathetic waste of time. If the situation did get down to the state of fight with the opposition, then it's obvious that the other person is a retard who just doesnt wanna compromise.
I want a good probability to avoid a fight. I run mostly, I'm 2 meters tall. I'm verbal enough too scare.
In Sweden we have laws against knives n guns - seldom any on the street - fairly safe place.
As a kid I fought until 10 years o age - then I got tall. After then I can scare stupid people off - or if necesary run.

Best protection is to be sober... A drunk is easy to beat.
I got into fights many times when I served in army in my country. As you know the army is very special community. Especially serving in army is libility for all men in my country. So many weird thins happend there.
Anyway in my experience, fight is not good. It makes me always regret that I got into fight.
I have fought very very few fights, One i distinctly remember in middle school while the other 2 I can barely recall -,- .

I guess I respect everyone and in turn am respected back.
Yep. Sadly I've lost them all. Razz One of them was at high school and I got...get in-school suspension, where I had to stay in the office. Not a normal stay at home suspension. How lame is that? Laughing
I haven't been in a fight for a long, long time and certainly hope to avoid any in the future. Being a relatively old man however ( 38 ) I'm sure that won't be a problem. The older I get the more I find that "if you don't look for trouble, trouble won't look for you" is true. Smile
I have never been in a violent confrontation. I always try to avoid violent confrontations when I can. But if i cant, i will take the confronatation. SOrta like i dont start fights, i finish them. thats my philosophy. i also believe in 2 eyes for an eye. i always believe that when faced with a deadly situation and u know ur gonna die, u have to try. even if the guy has a gun, if u dont try u will die anyway. if u try it increases ur chance of survival by at least 50%

thats just my take
I had my slate clean till before I had posted this thread but just the very next day I got into a scuffle with a few guys. Didn't turn into anything since my bro pulled me out of there. I'm bloody ashamed now. Very ashamed.
i try to awoid fights if i can... sometimes it's just not possible to awoid them.
Been in many fights. Usually just the normal scrums. But there was one time we were hangin out at the Burger King and an all out brawl started.

People had hockey sticks, knives, hammers and chains. Myself I didn't get anything done to me but couple of my friends did. One got stabbed in the butt cheek, don't laugh the knife I think hit either his colon or intestine (sorry this was a few years ago, dont remember exactly which organ it hit) but he had to have major surgery where they cut open his stomach. Another friend got stabbed in the stomach, but ended up being okay, it missed all organs.

Another friend got pinned between a brick wall and a car while the other side was trying to get away. He somehow ended up not losing the leg. And everyone just had the usual cuts and bruises.

But, all in all that was the worst fight I have ever been involved in. One on one no biggie as long as it was straight up and no weapons.
I don't like fighting but will and have as need has arised. However, it is hard to talk reason with someone that is drunk and the club's bouncer is nowhere to be found.
I got in a girlie fight with my friend in elementary school, but that was long ago... it was really a girl fight: we scratched each other's faces with our nails, and we were holding on each other's hair... aaah good memories Wink

Now I'd like to be in a real fight! Strange for a girl huh? But the reason is that I practice kung fu Hung Gar (I'll participate in a world championship this summer) and well, I just can't wait to see the surprise on a guy's face who'd try to attack me!

But I think that people who get hit, or attacked, have a particular "victim" aura, that I don't have. So I don't think anyone will attack me.

Anyway, I'm ready if they try.
I got in a fight 2 times in my lifetime. Once was in elementary because someone picked on me. Another time was someone tried to rob me near my house. both times I lost. :(
I still get into fights. I dont think it is me, it is prolly ALL the other dic****ds I meet.

But yeh, fights are good, they remind you that u have to take care of urself when someone tries to bully u or ur mates

friuser wrote:
I got in a fight 2 times in my lifetime. Once was in elementary because someone picked on me. Another time was someone tried to rob me near my house. both times I lost. Sad

Next time, make sure u wear a cheap watch. An expensive watch is ONE thing that will stop u from punching somone Smile
Get rid of it Smile
I have had a few minor brawls, nothing huge. I'm too smart to start something like that, since nowadays most kids are packing a blade or worse.
got in like 17 fights with my bro, i always lose. once we had a dangerous fight, i almost broken his ribs and he almost smacked me with a baseball stick/stuff then my dad came in Cool

but on school i dont have much fights
Oh yes.

One day, in my school, I fought with my class mate.
And, happily I beat him down and the whole class was cheering for me, because that guy was a 'bad guy'.
Back in elementary, I used to have physical fights since I love to tease my classmates and they just can't handle it so they attack me but they always end up losing.. Laughing

When I grew older, fighting for me became verbal. You know, you speak a lot and curse people and even call them names. They, still, can't win on me. I guess I'm just a really good fighter. Laughing

I also remember that these verbal fights, when I'm fighting with a teacher seems like a steamy debate or a hot case on the court. I remember those times and I can't help but smile.. Wink
I got involved in a few fights when i was younger, I was really hot headed when i was in 2-4th grade at school. Got into a couple major ones and most of the people would take my side or even help me out lol. I wouldnt say I was popular just that I was neutral and everyone always had my back so sometimes fights were unfair as people would hold back the other guy. After 4th grade though I cooled down and stayed away from fights and put more time into my studies.
I've had alot of big fights, nothing I'm proud of, but that's the way it is, did break a guys elbow once, a couple of noses and stuff.. and got some realy bad punches myself.. been in court lots of times.. BUT never for fighting.. kinda strange.. just didnt press charges on eachother, kinda kicked the other guys ass even worse then he kicked mine.. as I said, nothing to be proud of, but still gotta stand up for what I've done and how I've acted in certain situations..
Nope, never got into a big fight. I had a couple of little fights when I was a kid, but that was nothing serious...

Fighting is stupid anyway. When it comes though, I'll be prepared.
If buy a fight you include ambushes in the army, I have fought. Confused
kevin briggs
got into a few fights through school with kids who where from different area's than us,and also the kids who went to different schools.being a typical lad it happens to every boy when growimg up,every boy has got into a fight one way or another,its the ones who go out looking for the fights that you have to stay clear of.
just name calling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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