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Civics question

Hello. I was wondering what a Parliamentary Democracy is. I've tried google and most of the words are foreign to me. So I was wondering if anyone on the forums could explain to me what a Parliamentary Democracy is based on. What are some features? ~Thanks~
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It's a democracy, with a parliment established. A parliment is sort of like a congress, but it is part of the executive branch of government(the branch that upholds the law - the president, the police, et cetera). The parliment replaces what a president would do, taking votes of confidence to determine what to do in situations. The "head" of the country is the Prime Minister, who is similar to the Majority Leader(the person who leads the dominant party) in US politics.
The simplest way for me to explain it is that in a parliamentary system there is no “independence” of the executive branch of government. The executive branch gets support from the parliament so the “check and balances” not the same as they are like in a presidential form of government like here in the US. We have three branches of government here in the US. They are the Executive branch being the President, the Legislative branch being the Senate and House of Representatives and the judicial branch being the Court System. There is a system of checks and balances in place. Although you may not know it and it has not happened in a while they can regulate each other actions if need be.
As stated earlier since the executive branch is dependent on the parliament, legislation is easier to pass. Unlike in the US where the president can veto a bill agreed on by the entire legislative branch and the legislative branch can stonewall a bill coming from the president, thus the checks and balances. This is one of the advantages of parliament.
One disadvantage is there one “elected” in an electoral type of election. The prime ministers are usually appoint by the legislature or voted on by the legislature. So there is really no separation of the executive branch from the legislative one.
I hope that this makes this governmental mud a little clearer for you.
Both those replies seem to make it too complicated. As I understand it a parliamentary democracy is when decisions about running the country are made by an elected parliament.
Everybody who has the right to vote is allowed to vote for someone to represent them in parliament. The representatives with most votes become members of the parliament for a certain time. These representatives (or members of parliament) then get together and decide on which laws will be passed.
The details are what makes it complicated! How many members should there be? Who is allowed to be a representative? Should a representative be for the whole country or just a small area? Are they organised into groups (or parties)?
If comparing the Democracy(U.S.) and Parlimentary Democracy executive branches..


:Under Him:
Vice President

Parlimentary Democracy:

:Under Him:
Prime Minister

Also, I have a question about this "Parliment". Who is the Parliment? Is it someone/Group in the legislature/executive/judicial? Or maybe it is someone different? ~Thanks~
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