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Eddie Murphy

What do you think of Eddie Murphy and his movies. I personally think the man has an unbelievable ego and has rarely made a good movie. I can only think of really two films that I would give pass marks to, perhaps you could persuade me that he is a talented actor or has indeed made some good films I have missed.

The films I like that he has done are....

1. Bowfinger...excellent comedy in which he shows promise

2. Beverly Hills Cop 1 of the mill action adventure but enhanced by his sparky performance.

Also his insistence in playing multiple parts in a movie is a sign of his ego, to see a real classy exponent of an actor who can play multiple parts watch some of Peter Sellers or Alec Guiness films they were proper actors who played more than one character in a film and this enhanced the movie greatly.
he is irritating.
Well, as an actor he's pretty funny, I mean I like his films, the majority of them, but yeah as a person he sure does seem to have a big ego. I hate what he did to Mel B, that was very shallow of him.
I think some of his films are predictable in terms of dialogue & humour. Pretty run of the mill, but a fairly good actor, capable of pulling some great comedy moments.

I recently watched Raw & Delireous (stand up comedies) and he is actually very damn funny.

As a person, I wont comment. Ok I will... the majority of people I know are egomaniacs, scum sucking basts (I ain't on friendly terms with them...) ... just because someone is a celeb doesn't mean they lose the right to be an arsehole. Very Happy
he used to do good movies (just good), but then he kept on playing the same character throughout all of his career... really sad
as a stand-up comediant he used to make me laugh because he kind of laughed about himself. Now he's as egocentric as beofre... I mean, stand-up comedy: they're just watching at you, there's no one and nothing else to look at.
A sad story indeed Sad
For some reason I find Eddie Murphy to be the funniest when its not actually him, but someone doing an impersonation.

He's not too bad, most of his movies are watchable (I went and saw Norbit... seriously... it was a date, so I didn't have a choice really) and he's got a couple good things coming on the way.

Starship Dave - where he's like this alien vessel that looks like a person... romantic comedy...better than it sounds.

And of course Beverly Hills Cop 4 is confirmed, so I've got that to look forward to... as long as Bronson Pinchot can take a day of from work at McD's...
for me eddie murphy is funny... his good also in action films
Eddie Murphy is very funny. But all the fat-movies are just "too much". "Look, I'm funny because I'm fat and I fart a lot"
Hahaha, He's Freakin' Donkey in Shrek I, II, and III...

I've seen him in the Haunted Mansion Movie... Suspense with comedy.
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