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A Guitar Community

Hey Everyone,
Check out my website and tell me what you think!
If interested, Please join my forums!
I appreciate any comments.. thx
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Administrator's of Frihost, If you find Anything you don't approve of let me know and I will remove it!...thx JoeCool
Why most people on the planet are playing on a guitar?

what's so bad about Keyboards? Sad
Yea, your right it seems everybody likes guitars or wants to play them. The guitarist seems to get more credit then anybody in the band! Some people just dont realize all the talent and effort put into other instruments. I like the to play the keyboard, and the drums and bass guitar, and any other instrument when I get the chance. You have a good point, do you think my website would be better if I made it about all Instruments, please if you have any ideas for it, love to hear advice. Oh ,and I like your website Helios!
Very Happy You might want to use a contrasting font color at the top of your index page. Very Happy just a thought. the layout is nice and the flash buttons are cool
What Font Color would best fit the scheme of the web page?
JoeCool wrote:
What Font Color would best fit the scheme of the web page?

I think white is better!
JoeCool wrote:
What Font Color would best fit the scheme of the web page?

White on a darker background. I hate to be picky but you need to work a little on the overall theme before expanding.

Banner - Needs to be more noticable and readbale. Sure if you must you can keep the same background jsut make sure the text is of a lighter colour [namely white]

Background - Either lighten the entire thing or make sure nothing else at all on the entire page is dark. Visibility is a big issue here.

Text Background - Keep it white or soemhting simple. The Verdana text [i think] that you have chosen is the wrong colour to match the background beind the text. No I am lying. The background you have chosen is not meant to be behind text. It makes reading extremely difficult.

Besides that, a site with homemade basic buttons looks far better that a site with flash buttons with advertising.

Overall a nice affort. Jsut work on not offending users eyes and keep the forums active and your site will start to pick up traffic.
thx I appreciate the advice, the text background I was planning on changing because people were saying that it hurt their eyes.

I am working on some homeade buttons for it right now but I haven't finished them yet!

thx.. I really appreciate the feedback... Keep it Coming!
Thanks for listening to advice, yes it did hurt my eyes.

Now that you have changed it you need yet again to balance out your font colour with your background. I repeat, with your layout a more washed out background would be great.
Their I changed it to a more washed out background! If any body has more advice I am up for it. Also i would appreciate it if some would join my forums!
...thx.... JoeCool
The crosses on the sides look kinda weird. I don't know. Maybe I'm the weird one. I just like solid backgrounds that don't have big blocks of stuff over them unless their in tables or bordered.

I love the way the forum looks though on that background.

The layout and everything is perfect. Nice and easy to use.
joe why do u have two hosted websites from frihost? isnt it 1 host per person or sumthnn..
joe why do u have two hosted websites from frihost? isnt it 1 host per person or sumthnn..

The second one is a subdomain of the website in which frihost supplied me. We are allowed to have as many of these as we want aren't we? If we aren't somebody in administration let me know and I will take care of that.
I wish I could play a guitar. But I'm much better at the Saxophone.
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