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Which Is Your Fav StrateGy Game?

Which is You Fav Strategy Game?
Age Of Empires Series
 33%  [ 10 ]
Warcraft 3
 60%  [ 18 ]
Empire Earth
 0%  [ 0 ]
Age Of Mythology Series
 6%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 30

umm vote
Age Of Empires Series
That would be Heroes of Might and Magic I, II, III, IV. Real-time s. Warcraft 3.
I chose AOE
because I only know this game~
kazaa1 wrote:
Age Of Empires Series

me too Embarassed
Command and Conquer is IMHO the best strategy game. The multiplayer (internet) is excellent as not many strategy games have good multiplayer (or not enough players or way too long gamelength).
warcraft series for sure!

except World of Warcraft.. that game just SUX!!
Same here. Played all warcraft series except WOW Very Happy

I also enjoying playing Romance of Three Kingdom. Too bad, english version stop at ROTK 4 Sad
warcraft 1,2,3 and.. Starcraft(clasic)
I love AOM
it is simply gorgeous,
the in-game music is marvellous too! Very Happy
I like to play Blizzard's games. so my vote goes to Warcraft 3.
Age Of Empires Series. It is a very exciting game Very Happy
I think the RPG gae Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory has a lot of strategy to it.
i would vote for panzer general and alied of course..
that is not the newest game but has charm...
part 1 is maybe with all bad grafics the best...

also is good Blizkrieg..definatly recomend Exclamation
this is completely adultered! Mad

it doesn't have total annihilation on it! Razz ok, call me a freak, but i REALLY think TA is freakishly awsome Razz
I like Heroes, Starcraft and Warcraft.
and I like Pharaoh very much.
I play tycoon games sometimes.
absolutely blizzard warcraft 3 !! i ve played starcraft for a long time.
everytime i play, everytime it's interesting. so does warcraft.
if i have some money, i would play warcraft online!! Smile
Milli Riba
In my opinion, it's definitely Age of Empires series... The game has been released fer almost 6 yrs. Rolling Eyes (i think, released in 1999) but it is still the most played RTS game online. At any minute, there r more than 19,000 players online for Age of Conq. itself in alone Razz ,not counting other private/public servers. The game , I think has been specially coded fer multiplayer hence the NET code is so perfect/clean, that even a latency of more than 1000 ms doesnt lag the game much... Razz

Bondings wrote:
Command and Conquer is IMHO the best strategy game. The multiplayer (internet) is excellent as not many strategy games have good multiplayer (or not enough players or way too long gamelength).

C&C is also a preety good RTS game but then the teams r not evenly matched. for eg in red alert, prism tanks r supreme Laughing Other than that , it really is a fantastic game, and I did like generals Twisted Evil

Blizzard titles are also fun to play like starcraft n warcraft. My personal fav is starcraft....
I like Age Of Mythology. But i've never play warcraft 3. I'm playing wow now but it's not strategy...
the warcraft series + starcraft!!, the bests strategy games, if AOE is so good, why i can't see it in the World Cyber Games??? Cool , starcraft it's an excelent game, AOE is too slow, and it has not to many action, well that is my opinion, starcraft the best for me.
Sry to say for who made the poll
But its not well updated for sure
i have these strategy games in all:

War craft series accept WOW
Stronhold crusader 1,2
AOM all the series
EE 1,2
Rome total war

Oviosly as u can c im a big fan of strategy games
the only i think i like and is missing there is Ceaser series.

These r amongst the best strategy games at the moment:

Stronghold crusader 2
Rome total war
EE 2
There r some others i dont have yet that r good too

Pesonally i think that crussader 2 is the best for the ammount of time i spend playing it per week (multiplayer).
Rome total war is surly better in grafics, in strategy, nearly everything is better but its multiplayer isnt so good thats y i prefair stronghold crusader 2. If u havent seen Rome TW yet u will be shoked its an ammasing stategy game.

So if u want a very cool strategy game i suggest these 2
Stronghold crusader 2
Rome Total War
aoe is a classic game!! woot for aoe!! Very Happy
you forgot the best one... Total Annihilation!!
Oooh, Total Annihilation, I remember that awesome RTS game.
I love the quality of Blizzard's RTS'. I've been playing them since Warcraft 2. I also used to play Starcraft but now I just play War3 Frozen Throne, but mainly just for Dota Allstars, hehe.
I couldn't see my favorite game which called pharaoh in your pool.I think this game must be added in your pool.It is the best strategy game for me.
i like spellforce... its not just strategy but also rpg it was fun playing it
Dj Close
kazaa1 wrote:
Age Of Empires Series
warcraft... but i like Starcraft more Smile
long time ago i played both of them thought ^^
among the given choices, my vote goes to warcraft 3.. what makes it good is that some of the custom maps are way addiciting (DOTA,XheroSiege, ect).. As a matter of fact, my friends and i are really enjoying the run kitty run game..

I guess warcraft is very much to stay as long as there are good custom maps.. i realy dont enjoy the scenario maps..
I love WOW (World of Warcraft), but other than those I would have to say "Splinter Cell: (The whole series)" their all my favorites. I would say anything for me to be able to play those games, there da' bomb!
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