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Space Rangers 2 - Have you played it?

I would like to know if somebody have played Space Rangers 2, and if you have, what are your impression of this game?

I played the first Space Rangers, and i bought the Space Rangers 2, im going to install it, but i would like to know what to expect from this game, because the first one wasnt so bad
I must say I like Space Rangers 2. I never played the first game, but I think this one is pretty good. Only can get a bit hard now and then when the dominators invade a system.

Since I haven't played the first game I can't really compare things.
But something I can say about the game that I don't like is the planetary battle, it's so rapid everything happens so fast, at least when I played so I disabled the feature.
But maybe it's something you like, give us your thoughts about it when you've tested it!

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