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Outdoor exercise invention suggestions (200Frih$)

Okay we got this task in technology (subject in school where you invent uninvented things etc.) about inveting something in the nature. Its a long story, but we choose a solution which would make the motivation for people to go outdoor and exercise high, and we now need a product that could do so. An example could be rollerblades or bicycle, but as they are already invented , thats not a possibility Rolling Eyes ....Still it could be a further development of things already invented.

Also it can involve small engines (not very likely), as we also thought of something like a reward principle, maybe something with dynamo or maybe help for the big hills.. still thats even complicated, and we need to build atleast a prototype of the product, in not many days with limited resources.

So please throw in your ideas, just make sure they're not already invented.
Afterwards if some of the ideas was actually choosen, I will reward with 200 frih$ and maybe post some pictures of the product. Not long until we go to the workshop so hurry Wink
A pogo seat. I think it'd be fun hopping around but sitting down.
hehe funny idea keep 'em coming people.. still it can be anything that makes it more comftable to exercise but still makes you loose weight and give a better condition Smile
How about a burger hunt,you give everyone a map with clues to find the next clue,they climb up hills and down valleys looking for each clue that leads to the next one.

when they get the final clue, they get to find out where the burger is hidden.

The final clue would be 3 and a map to the nearest mcdonalds.
omg nice thoughts, but i think we need less of those burger ideas Very Happy
Okay, here's one:
A sort of a catapult with a seat. It would be used to fling people into a body of water (lake, deep enough pool, et cetera). It would be fun if it was made to be reasonably comfortable to use (for example, having the seat at the right angle so that it doesn't push into one's back during launch) and used the right amount of power for the launch. People would get exercise by swimming back to the shore/edge. (Of course it would need plenty of safety warnings such as 'only use it with a target of at least X foot deep water exactly XX feet directly in front' and 'wait for other people to clear the target area before launching' and 'not for use with children under the age of X'.)

Would be easy enough to build with a visit to your local car dump and your local hardware store. You would need:
From either place:
Scrap metal to build the frame.
From the junkyard:
Seat (which could be salvaged from an old car)
Suspension spring from a car. (you could adjust the power of the launcher to a limited extend by changing where the spring attaches to the frame)
From the hardware store:
Winch (powered or manual) and cable to pull the seat back down.

Remember to either weigh down or tie down the frame to make sure the base is stable while a launch is happening.
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