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DeFlanko Designs... A Work in progress all the time..


So I've spent a week on it already, and im looking for some input.

how my layout?

am i missing anything?

Im open for critisim

Thank you for your time,

DeFlanko wrote:
how my layout?

The layout's good. You should be proud of that, I quite like it. So what do you need to do?

DeFlanko wrote:
am i missing anything?

Yes. You need to add some content now. Your site won't be much without it and you'll soon lose any visitors you're lucky enough to get. I like the media player; one thing though, play the first item on the list ("DeFlanko and Exodus - The End") and you'll see that the flv file plays in the wrong position. You've got to fix that.
I'm not sure the FriHost image fits in to be honest. Perhaps you should fade it's edge or something... It just doesn't look right there.

Once you've added content, ask for feedback again. Then we'll be able to see your site in 'full swing' and get a better idea of how it all works.

I'm quite impressed with the songs by the way, did you really make them? I know the video from the first one is on YouTube, did you make the soundtrack for it? (I hope so, because you did say "every thing you see here I've made".)

Other than this, well done - you've got a site with some potential there, keep working on it.
I made the video, and if you let the credits roll i give proper respects for the song at the end. The song was done by a band called Strung Out, the song is called blue print of the fall. And as for the MP3... yes me and another guy worked on it on a saturday (yes.. the whole saturday) and liek also stated that the media player code was writen by that guy mentioned. All i did was edit the XML data (and spend a half day figuring it out... )

I did notice somthign jsut now maybe you can kinda help me out here.. i have this invisible LINE through the middle there.. and i cant seem to get rid of it in Macromedia Studio FX..

Ill work on the Firhost image, ill take out the background add some emboss, mabye some drop shadow... and of course.. make transparent background..

Im not really good at html, but im really good at graphics (im a horrible speller though)

F7 ftw...

I like the layout. Background picture is very big and it takes some time to load it. You could make smaller picture with same style and repeat it. This would have lesser load and as great as it is now.

About the cursor. I'm not sure why it should be that crosshair. The default cursor would always be the best choice.
JC Denton
The background doesn't look good in 1600*1200 < X. You should try to make one that is tileing good. Also, the background is huge. Try to make it smaller alot smaller. Smile
I really like the idea of the background you have there. But like JC Denton said, perhaps something that tiles properly, so that it looks like its correctly repeating. Would help smooth out the site a lot Smile
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