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What do I do?

Ok Im a junior in High school (17 years old) and I have never had a girlfriend (I know, I live a deprived life). Though I am very careful, i dont want anything i would regret to happen. That is how I am about everything I do. But anyways there is this freshman girl that I have "had my eye on" since marching band season. We sat next to each other during the football games just by random placement. (Everyone signed up to sit in a particular spot, this was before I knew her at all) We talked quite a bit during those games and I think both of us had fun. I had some friends who had wanted me to go further, but thats just not how I work. So now its almost the end of the school year and Ive had a few hints that she may like me above the "just friends" level. For instance I only told a small amount of my friends that I liked her and one day i walk into a class where one of the friends I hadnt told was teasing me with a name he later said he got from her. I would guess that means she has been talking about me when I have not been around. He had also barely mentioned something about me liking her when he was trying to get me to do my Marching Band try-outs the same day him, and consiquently, the same day as her.

So basically, I am asking if I am correct about my assumption and if I should do anything before the end of the year which is in a couple of weeks, May 20th to be exact. Though, it would seem easier if I could wait until the first part of marching band season which begins in early June (June camp lasts a week) and then starts back up at the end of July (This is the main part of the season and doesnt end until November).
why do you want to wait? we have to take risks and chances to feel alive. I got a friend that's pretty much like you, not all the way tho. he is very careful and almost never does anything that could harm him or make him regret it in anyway (that includes partys --> hangovers).. and his friends have tried to get him to join them alot of times.. he always says "no thanks" and now he's forgotten more and more, he never had a girlfriend and his mother control him to 100%, he's 4 years younger sister have done so much more.. it comes with beeing a teenager, to be a rebell.. taking chances.. to learn, get experience's n stuff.. I've done alot of stuff I kinda regret, but life goes on, I'm fine, living with my gf now, been together for a year and ye, she made misstakes too.. we learn, we get smarter, skills, experience and prob feel safer because we know what to do or what will happen in certain situations...

anyways,, I dont see any reason for u to hesitate about this girl.. if you like her.. well start some action, I know for sure that you will regret it if u dont make a move.. u find out that she liked you alot but u was to much of a chicken to make a move, and missed this girl that u like..

so I agree with ur friends! go for it!

good luck with everything!
If I were in that situation I would probably be to shy to do anything really, but I have never been in exacly that situation to know. I mostly let things go as they do, if I am meant to be with a guy we will end up together. So if I really like someone and think we can have more than just two weeks together I'll totaly go for it. So if you really like her you should try for it.

And Azmo, wow, I thought I was boring Razz If I get asked out on a party, I'll go, but I never drink so much that I would get anything beside being a bit unsteady or so, mostly because I could get a back stroke of what I finnaly used medication for in five years Razz And even if I'm still living with my mother, she can't controll me, even if I do help her out alot.
Even if I don't do as much as a kkid my age would od I have RALY much I regret on Razz But then again, I think it's great that things go the way they go.
I think there is no need to wait, what does waiting really mean, by waiting to try and kiss her or getting her in the sack, deffinately wait with that but progressing and exploring your feelings and discouvering her feelings there is absolutly no need to wait for that. so no matter how long you feel you would like to hold out with the physical stuff I think you are quite safe in pesuing the emotional side of things without the fear of anything going wrong.

If i where you I would just gradually get closer and closer to her in terms of time and level of conversation, and I would tell my freinds less because sometimes this could lead to things moving in the wrong direction due to peer pressure, I would go for it full steam ahead especially if you feel there are some signs from her, normally girls are really affraid to express their feelings in the early stages of a relationship so a bit of energy from your side would not be a probelem.

cheers and good luck
This is one thing that you will regret in future. If you like her ask if she want a ice cream a sunny day or a rainy day ask for a cup of tee. If it goes well ask her for a movie or party. No big deal to clulate when or were the perfect places is becuse you never find it an if you do she will have found a other boy before that. Talk to her be friend and see what happend give a littel of your self
The only thing waiting ever gets you is regret. Go for it, you have nothing to lose. If I had learned how to be a little less cautious earlier in life I would have had a much happier childhood. Go out, live life, don't wait for it to come to you.
do something. and be careless. being too careful is like the wedgehammer for regret.

i myself need to fully experience that aspect of courtship. i mean, i have a girl but i basically just did nothing. she liked me, i like her back. the end.

what really makes these things difficult is when you like (not love) someone who you don't know likes you. if someone does not like you, hear me out- STOP.
There's a quote I like: "The only regrets I have are for things I didn't do. At least if I try something and it doesn't work, I can learn from my mistakes."

Believe me, if you don't do it, you'll wonder about it for the rest of your life. If you ask her and she says no, at least you can put it behind you and get on with things and say 'it wasn't meant to be'.
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