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beginner in Web World

Dear all,
I am really a beginner in web world. I always jealous to my friends who have a web site. Therefore I also want to have a we site. I ask many friends and they recommend me to try frihost as a beginner.
As a preparation, according to my friends, I have to install web design software and my friend give me dreamweaver CS3. The installation is success, however stuck to define the site. Cool . I try to find the related topic discussion in frihost but untill now I can't find it. Very Happy . And also
I think frihost is really advanced. I don't understand many 'idioms' in frihost forum. Therefore I need some helps:
1. Is dreamweaver CS3 compatible with frihost?
2. What is the url name of my web if I accepted in frihost?
3. May I use filezilla to upload my file to frihost?
thank you very much in advance
best regards,
-compatible? well, i suppose since dreamweaver designs/makes the site files, even if you find trouble uploading to frihost through dreamweaver, there should be no problem simply using dreamweaver....

just find another ftp upload program (i.e fireFTP)

-once you are given your url, it should be
you can change the "username" part afterwards, though.

-filezilla works fine with frihost servers.
1. Is dreamweaver CS3 compatible with frihost?

Dreamweaver is just a web file development software it really does not do anything with frihost hosting beside create files to use on it. Very Happy

2. What is the url name of my web if I accepted in frihost?

You would get a email with a bunch of account information.
X = whatever available user name you choose.

3. May I use filezilla to upload my file to frihost?

Sure can , you can use any FTP connection software out there I use SmartFTP.
Fire Ftp ftw!! its awesome you must use that its so nice being able to drag the files right into the browser. Works great if you have dual screen monitors like me Cool
I started off using WYSIWYG editors, something like FrontPage. Then I slowly moved on to dreamweaver and flash.

So for starters I would recommend WYSIWYG editors. It's easy to understand and if you're adventurous you can look at the html codes and try to get what they mean. That's what i did Laughing
dear all,
thank you very much for your suggestions...I will try it.
best regards,
Hey if you're really interested in learning how to create websites try this in-depth tutorial on html. This will cover the basics but if at all possible run to your local library or book store and find like a "websites for dummies" book. I started learning html my first year in a computer tech class at my high school . Well if you ever need any help, input, advice or want a challenge just pm me.

Also welcome to Frihost! Smile
I started out just view-sourcing simple pages and trying to figure things out. then i moved on to

now, its years later and I've still not learned much beyond html Wink
a little php, but php is easy really. Basically my primary advice for you is this: don't be afraid to try and write your own scripts. the script editors can do most, but not everything you will end up wanting to do. the more you experiment with scripting, the better at it you will become.
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