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Mac external modem on a PC?

The internal 56k winmodem cards are problematic on many Linux distros as some of you using Ubuntu/Kubuntu are aware. It's a matter of jumping through hoops to find the proper driver, getting it installed, then configuring your dialup program, editing the init strings, etc...

External hardware modems on the other hand are supposed to be almost plug and play with little dickering around. Used ones are getting harder to find these days (I won't be buying a new unit, as I hope to get DSL back in the near future).

I do have a US Robotics 56k modem for the Mac, and I'm wondering if I can get that to work. Anyone know? Is it a matter of just getting the right cable, or is there ROM flashing involved?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Sounds interesting. Aren't Macs running off some sort of Unix? There should be a way to get it to work. Have you checked google? I got nothing Laughing
Guess I need to clarify the situation...
An external hardware modem like my US Robotics unit doesn't need special driver software to be useable like the internal Winmodems common in PCs. I purchased mine new while the Mac Classic OS was still in wide use, and it was sold specifically for Mac use (that's pre-OSX). The Mac serial connector is different from a PC serial connector. I'm just wondering if my modem is otherwise compatible before going to the trouble of finding a connector to fit my PC.
Or are these external hardware modems configured internally specifically for Mac, or PC? In which case I'll forget about it and find a PC external modem on ebay or somewhere.
Thanks for the reply Very Happy
Modems all follow the same protocol digitally. Your issue would, as you suspected, be making sure the pinout of the Mac would match the pinout of the PC.
Is the modem Internal or External?

On my G3 (B&W) the Interal Modem can be removed but it connects to the motherboard through a special port in order to keep the motherboard smaller, and because this port is custom to fit just that motherboard. It will not work on a general bios based PC. If it's PCI then hardware is hardware just because it came with your mac doesn't make a difference. The only thing that is altered to work with macs are gfx cards.
froginabox wrote:
Modems all follow the same protocol digitally. Your issue would, as you suspected, be making sure the pinout of the Mac would match the pinout of the PC.

This is what I'm hoping to hear, so all I have to do is find a PC serial cable for the modem and I should be set. Probably the only way I could find the right cable is if it had a modem already attached to it Rolling Eyes
Just had a thought: find an old 33k or 28k even, with the cable, for a few pennies if anything. Very Happy
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