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Houston Rockets offseason moves

Guys, i read so many comments, how basically every1 is criticizing Yao Ming...

After reading articles on how hard he works, i really like him, but then it showed.. he isn't a superstar but he is treated and hyped as a superstar..

With the physical western power Jazz, it showed, he got his shot blocked like 12-13 times this series? He was so much of a fade away jump shooter.. He couldn't play def or rebound the ball ( game 7 esp )..

They were +5 with mutombo, -15 with Yao?

I think Yao is great as a 2ndary option, he will get u 25 points a game easily without him taking THAT many shots, hes too accurate as a FT shooter, but wouldn't it better off trading him?

Sure Houston will prob go far as trading Tmac before Yao because Yao is a walking stock market, i don't know how much $ was made ever since Yao was drafted...

But I am sure teams will take Yao...

I'll love to see an up and coming PF and a pg for Yao, and i'm sure it'll be stupid for any team not to take Yao, he'll make u million of dollars b/c hes the only Asian all-star...

Yao for for Eddy Curry + Marbury? Curry is almost as effective as Yao as a 2ndary scorer... But ya he is kinda soft.. ,but u get Starbury who Tmac can feed if he is running the plays... and Marbury is still a capable defender who can score and run the offense.. But this might be impossible to be done as JVG doesn't want Marbury...

They also add a bit more athleticism... I am sure NY will want Yao, A front line of Yao and David Lee.. I am sure they will make the playoffs in the east.. And with favorable match ups, they should be fine to maybe even get out of 1st round...

Or Yao & Rafer for Blount, KG, Randy Foye? This one would be a good one and hopefully this might happen... If KG really wants to go out of Minny..

I think Houston can get to 2nd round as long as they add a little small piece and as Yao gets tougher, i still think he can prob get tough enough where he gets 2-3 more dunks and rebounds a game..
trading Yao would be a stupid move...He is at the present moment the best C in the league (Shaq has declined as has Big Ben and TD, KG and Dwight are all PF's)

you very rarely win Championships without a dominant big man (see recent champs, Mia - Shaq, Det - Wallace, SA - Duncan, LAL - Shaq)

IMO they would bebetter off keeping Yao, TMAc, Battier etc, get rid of Rafer Alston coz he'scrap, get a less defensive minded coach (as you have 2 very good offensive players in TMac and Yao) and going from there

houston has a good base for a very good team and trading Yao would be monumentally stupid
Keep Yao, Battier and head, trade all others, that will be my option.
Trading McGrady would be a mistake, he's the best player the Rockets have. He can do EVERYTHING in a basketball game, hit threes, drive, post up, rebound, pass, and play defense. The problem Houston had was that they didn't match up well with Utah. Yao had to guard either Okur (a three point shooting center) or Carlos Boozer (a fantastic, quick power forward from ALASKA!!) The Rockets didn't want to have Yao out at the three point line guarding Okur because then he couldn't get rebounds! So they put him on Boozer. Boozer drove by the slow footed Yao every chance he got and had a HUGE series having games of 41 and 35 points. Yao needs to guard centers like Shaq that can't outquick him so easily....and there just wasn't anyone on Utah that he matched up with. So Houston was stuck with the problem we take Yao out (which hurts our offense since Yao is much better at scoring than any of Houston's other options like Mutombo or Howard or Hayes) or do we leave Yao in (which hurts our defense). Either way they lost something. I think Houston just needs to fill in a little bit around McGrady and Yao....getting a good 4 man (power forward) would help as would an upgrade at point guard. I also think they need another slasher as the only guy that can create is McGrady, all the other guys (Alston, Battier, Head etc) stand around and shoot threes. You have to be able to get higher percentage shots when your three isn't falling.
You have to keep McGrady, even though Big Men are more important to a team in the NBA world, which is why T-Mac would be more expendable then Yao. But if I was in the Rockets shoes, I would try my best to bring in a point guard, or a power forward, because they are seriously weak in both positions. Hayes is good, but he's undersized for the PF spot, but he's a great rebounder. Alston is a good three point shooter, but he's still all show because he's a streetballer. Get a distributor at the point positon. Yao has been a great player, he's been improving every year since he was drafted, but he's still too soft for the NBA. He gets outrebounded way too often, and he doesn't block enough shots for a guy who's 7'5. I think you would have to keep both him and Tracy though if the Rockets have any chance of getting past the first round. It's neither Tracy or Yao's fault, they could've done a little better to beat the Jazz, but they don't have that great of a supporting cast. Shane is the next best player, but he doesn't give you a consistant scoring night. He has a good night, then has a bad night. They need a consistant third option, and I think they would be just fine.
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