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Boot disk problem.

Hello guys! I am having an small problem which perhaps anyone of you could help me to solve. The fact is that I used a program called My bootdisk 2.11 in order to mke a boot disk of windows xp and use many features. In the program there is an option which alows you to do a repair disk, that is a boot disk with a repair console, Also if you insert your windows xp cd it gives you acces to the ntfs partioned areas of your hard drive.

So I did the repair disk with my Windows CD. But then when I turned on the pc I couldnt acces the operating system at all if If not with the boot disc. It seems that this stupid program ereased the master boot record of my hard drive and putted it on the floppy disk. so now the only way of accesing windows is with that disck. Could anyone tell me how can I turn back that situation. How can I get back the master boot record of my hard dirve just as it was before.

I still have acces to windows environment trough the boot disk. there is not other way of getting there. Any suggestion?

thanks in advance!
Boot from your Windows XP CD. When your system is completely booted use repair option. [/b]
go to the repair option and then use the command "fixmbr" to restore the master boot record
this may be a long explaination but try to keep up...

at first you have to check your bios (to accces, press "del" when starting your computer) in there you can set the computer to boot on your harddisk. but this is only if you CAN'T get into wondows.. if you CAN get into windows do like this:

go to the drive C: click on the boot.ini file (if you can't see this file, go to the options tab and click on the "folder settings". ask it to show you windows command files(this is not recommanded in windows))

look through that file and secure that nothing is changed. The file should look like this!

If the boot.ini file does not look like this, then change it.. but the number in the "()" (don't know what it's called) shall be the number of drive that you have your windows folder in (so if it's on drive C: it should be named 1)

i hope you could use this information... if not, then ask me in a private message and I'll try to explain it a little easyer..
The easiest thing to do is to open the repair console while booting with the floppy and type the following:

type fixmbr
click y and there is one more msg I forgot.
It will create a new MBR.
then type fixboot
again a msg, just go on pressing yes or accepting.
This will now create the correct boot record.
You can even try to do the method shown above this post, but that is a bit difficult.

Hope this solves the problem!!!
You need to reinstall Windows XP with Repair option. I am sure, any other method will not work. You do not need to try Recovery Consol or changing boot.ini file.
You could also try installing a boot-loader if you wish. Try GRUB boot-loader.
However, I suggest that you just fix the MBR by following the instructions in the previous posts. Good luck! Smile
u can use system restore maybe helpful Question
If the windows progress bar across the black screen completes and the color windows splash screen comes up and that progress bar makes it 1/2 way across the screen before blue screening and warning that the install is corrupted and to remove any new hard drives or hard drive controllers, would fixing the MBR help?

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