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Dinner in the sky

Very Happy Here I've experienced the greatest restaurant ever,"Dinner in the sky" Exclamation It sucessfully transformed a ordinary dinner into a everlasting moment in my life Exclamation
The "Dinner in the sky" is a table / restaurant suspened in the sky 50m above the ground by a crane. Guests may eat oysters and drink wine in the mid-air! How exciting it is! The restaurant takes 22 guests each time, but the price of a set lunch is really expensive (USD 20,000).
I was very lucky to have a try on this exciting thing. That was a windy day. Sitting on it just feel like playing a turbo drop, and sitting on a see saw (the table swings from side-to-side as the servants walks around) ,and having a meal in a high class restarant at the same time. The table has a little piece for my foot only, therfore as I was eating, I was afraid that I'll drop my fork to the GROUND! I'll never forget this exciting experience.

Idea Idea
Idea Idea

For more information, pls visit

Wink Regards
All I can think is "Dinner in the Sky with Diamonds."

Man, do the Beatles rock or what?
20,000 smackers for dinner Shocked ok a grand (ish) a head but still Shocked
It's a crane, what costs $20,000? I like the idea, sounds pretty dangerous though.
What if you dropped something? (purse, wallet, glasses, food, wine glass...)
loryl wrote:
What if you dropped something? (purse, wallet, glasses, food, wine glass...)

Reply to loryl,
Things can be dropped from the sky. There isn't any protection for this. But luckily insurance covered these accidents if there is one hurted.

scotty wrote:
It's a crane, what costs $20,000? I like the idea, sounds pretty dangerous though.

Reply to scotty,
It is a bit expensive to have such a meal, but you can't find anything equally exciting and with lower price elsewhere! This is the only restaurant playing this trick. I think there are several reasons to have such a high price,
2. insurance and tax
3. Its name~ the 10 most unusual restaurant in the world by Forbes !
I hope these are the answers.

Wink Regards
Okay I had a look at the website and found that the cost is 7.900,00 which according to is 13,080.17 AUD or 10,733.33 USD which is a lot less thaan $20,000. Anyway I guess its not as bad as I thought it is. But still somebody is making HEAPS of money out of this. Great idea and I'm guessing they make you empty your pockets before you get strapped in. But who would insure something like that? Could you imagine the phone call "I need insurance for a crane that lifts 22+ people in the air and holds them there for 4 hours!"
You should've taken pics from the sky, how much time does it take to snap a photo.

Anyways, it really is damn expensive, even at 10,733.33 USD Shocked
I would never ever waste my money into such things, besides, what makes you think that it is a high class restaurant.

Ofcourse, having dinner in the sky has its own qualities and moments of delight, but then they can't term themselves as a restaurant. Anyways, I guess I'm being too reluctant. Wink

Just a thought, do you order what you'd like to eat before the crane starts to ascend the table, so that they have the required food on the table and that's just it?? I see waiters standing in the middle, but I don't think the place is as big as to house enough food..

Warm Regards,
Look quite amazing, I must say.
But as others here have stated, it must be a bit risky too.
What is someone, for some reason fainted, and fell down?
How is the security up there. It looks a bit unsafe from the pictures.
And the cost of 20,000$ (or 10,733.33$) was a bit much Razz

But it must have been some experience you had Smile
Lol, what an experience, and hehe, can see a fork falling from the sky, haha, tels hope it dont hit anything d'oh!
hahaha, Razz Great idea, but way too high price.
really expensive.. but it looks so exciting and interesting. Nice view there too I suppose. a very unusual restaurant..
Thank you for your positive comments. I'd like to tell you guys, although the cost for that lunch is really a bit expensive, I enjoy that meal so much and I've no regret. I think you'll feel the same way if you're up there, when you are breeze by the wind and look over 10km far, and you couldn't find it elsewhere! The better thing is that they provide a package, with taxes and insurance prepared for you. So you just need to prepare a pile of cash and sit down to enjoy the meal. I'll absolutely encourage you to try it. The memory will last for your whole life.

Wink Regards
Looks really cool, I think i've added an item to the list of things I plan to do before i die.
Nice high resolution photos.
Looks pretty cool.
I'll probably wait for the price to go down before I try it.

Wonder what happens if the crane gave way?
Wow, an oppertunity to eat your dinner and lose your lunch all at the same time. What fun! Wink
lukeropro wrote:
Looks pretty cool.
I'll probably wait for the price to go down before I try it.

Wonder what happens if the crane gave way?

Well lukeropro, I've actually heard that they will make the price down in coming 6 months, as they will expend their business in Europe and America. There will be a promotion scheme which will cost you around USD 17,000 for that dinner. That will be a great reduction in the price, but not the quality. I think it is a piece of news you will like.

Wink Regards
I would really like to ride on that - especially if the food tastes good. I wonder if it would taste good or not? Probably, since it's sooo expensive.
riv_ wrote:
Wow, an oppertunity to eat your dinner and lose your lunch all at the same time. What fun! Wink

Laughing Cool

I guess they don't have a drive thru huh _riv? *snicker*
I believe that restaurant food is non-hygienic.
Vrythramax wrote:
riv_ wrote:
Wow, an oppertunity to eat your dinner and lose your lunch all at the same time. What fun! Wink

Laughing Cool

I guess they don't have a drive thru huh _riv? *snicker*

Oh my god! I can't imagine if they drive around. It is already very frightening but exciting when being hanged in the mid-air. I would be flying (or being thrown) if they had drove around, and the meal couldn't be anymore enjoyable.

Wink Regards
Crosser wrote:
I believe that restaurant food is non-hygienic.

Absolutly not, Crosser, that restaurant is hygenic, of course. It is one of the "10 most unusual restaurants in the world" by the Forbes, how could the Forbes recommand it if it is non-hygenic! Moreover, I haven't got any stomach ache as having the meal. Trust me, Crosser, the restaurant should be considerable for you to try.

Wink Regards
Not a good idea for those who suffer from motion sickness or fear of heights!
Oooh I'm not sure if I'd like that !

i don't really like heights !

But it must be interesting though!
The people who run that service found a nice way to make easy money! Seriously though... 20k for dinner? Surprised
Well... whatever floats your boat.

As far as I'm concerned, I think I will stick with the old adage "A fool and his money are soon parted".

I don't like heights, and I was a paratrooper....go figure. Confused

With that kind of money I'll build one myself and still have money to spare.

What a waste of money.
Looks really neat. But like everyone's said, that's a lot of money for a dinner.
unique idea no doubt.. but you have to be rich to be able to afford that... i can think of alot of other things 2 spend my money on
Dear Frihosters,
I knew that 20K USD is really a large sum of money, so I'm not going to have that dinner again in the sky. But as I can enjoy a meal up there, hanging in the mid-air, I don't find it as a waste of money either! Eating a meal in the mid-air with fantastic scenes under your feet, is just a thing you can't imagine. Try it once and you'll find it worth that much! Cool (Although I suggest you to wait the price down.)

Wink Regards
It's looks very interesting but dangerous as well.
20,000(USD)?... Oh.. man... it's very expensive.... Rolling Eyes
Glad you enjoyed it, but it sounds insane to me. Me, I rented a piper cherokee, brought a diet coke and a big mac and had lunch at 7000ft.

and it only cost me 75 bucks an hour! Laughing
MM 20k sounds a bit overpriced for being suspended by a crane Very Happy. Anyway I prefer to take my meals on stead ground Very Happy
wow thats way to much money for that... I can't believe that you would spend that much money. Although it does sound pretty interesting. It looks cool too. Where exactly is it located.
lol that looks amazingly cool, but id be to scared to bother even eating dinner up that high in a thing like that ...... << geez
Pure genius!

I've never thought that getting insanely rich is this easy:

1. Build an insane restaurant setup.
2. Charge everyone US$20,000 [or $10,000+].
3. Go laughing on your way to your bank account. Laughing

I should try this out sometime! Thanks for the ideas! XD Laughing Razz

Kidding aside, that restaurant's expensive. Shocked Oh well, to each his own.
I think I love you D'arvit Very Happy
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