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What is wrong with me ?

I am 19 and in a engineering college. I have never spoken to a girl other than 2 of my class girls(only 4 in class) that too when they ask a doubt or two in exam time. I am not that studious but a above average scorer.
Guys in my class and not even half my complexion flirt with girls and go out with them. But to be honest I have never tried anything afraid of the consequence and thinking girls won't like me. I think I should first get a mobile phone. Please give me tips.

I think you have a fear problem! I am sure that you are afraid to talk to girls, and this is just because you don't want to be rejected or something to go wrong. "Fear is the mind killer", said Herbert in his "Dune" book series - I'm pretty sure you've read it or at least heard of it. So, you should know that, if you don't take your chance, you won't have one! Just go for it! Smile And don't worry if you get rejected a few times, it's something natural! And not because of you, but because there are so many people in this world and it is quite possible to meet a girl that just doesn't fit you!

That's my advice! Good luck!
If you wanna be with girl and have a 'relationship' then I SUGGEST YOU START A.S.A.P.

Believe it or not, everyone (yes, even the cool guys) finds it hard when first speaking to the opposite sex (though some more than others). IF YOU WANNA BE COMFORTABLE TAILING TO GIRLS THEN YOU GOTTA GET USED TO IT. So I'd start now. How do you think you'd be talking to a famous person, who you really wanted to be friends with, for the first time? You'd be nervous! Same with girls mate. Rolling Eyes
But don't be too aggressive. Guys who "pounce" on the nearest moving female would freak out the girls, honestly.

Be natural. Look for simple conversation-starters in class.

Sit near the girl you want to talk to, preferably right next to her.

You didn't hear what the professor last said? Go ask her.

You all hate the professor? Tell her how the professor's unintelligible monologue is driving you crazy.

Start with small talk.

"You ready for the test?" or "We don't have anything due today, right?" are simple ways to start conversations.

Girls don't bite, and they'll even appreciate it that you took the initiative to start a conversation. Razz Don't be too conscious of yourself.

By the time you become an expert with starting conversations with these girls, you can now build up your friendship and maybe start a relationship from that! XD

Good luck! Wink
what he said ^^^^

Girls can be your mates too, they just generally like to talk about slightly different things and do slightly different things. That's ok, you'll learn what sort of topics you both like soon enough, and what stuff you both like doing. Rolling Eyes Wink

First Step = Become friends with some girls!
excellent tips from you guys. I'll have to start trying few tips
I liked this in particular
Don't be too conscious of yourself.
vignesh_natraj wrote:
I think I should first get a mobile phone.
Lol, I thought that was hilarious.
missdixy wrote:
vignesh_natraj wrote:
I think I should first get a mobile phone.
Lol, I thought that was hilarious.

why do you think so
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