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Web Cam

Hello. I have a QuickCam, and I want to allow ONLY certain people the ability to view me. I've come across many web sites that will allow me to broadcast, but I'm then open to being viewed by anyone on that site. Does anyone know of some FREE software for either Win XP or Linux, that I can install and allow only selected people access to my web cam?

Thanks for your help!
Well, this kind of software is hard to find.
Though there are programs that allow you to make your own site and broadcast your webcam. You can make a password protected php site and use one of the many freeware programs that allow you to broadcast your webcam. Take a look at this link and chose a program. After that I'll help you make the php script to password protect your webcam.
Thank you for your response. After reviewing the available programs, I think I want to broadcast the video stream from my own computer, instead of the stream being uploaded to a server, and people connecting to the server. Is there a way I can turn my pc into the server, then I can allow family members access via password, for the purpose of broadcasting a video feed? What risk do I potential encounter by turn my pc into a server?

You can download Xammp server from and use htaccess so only certain people can access the directory.
Webcam 2000 is a free webcam server and has simole password protection.

I assume you have a fixed IP address, if not try (also free).
You can also use tools such as James' Webcam publisher, but the main issue remains unresolved. If you are broadcasting via a webpage the only options available to you are a) block unwanted IPs with htaccess or b) use a php login script.

Bear in mind that if you intend to use webcam broadcasting *software* (CuSeeMe etc), in most cases your viewers will need to have the same software installed to see your cam.
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