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Projects/ Strengths/ weaknesses

We get free hosting on Frihost. So most of us have projects on the go.
I'm curious about your web projects.
What are you workng on. What areyour favorite things to work on web-wise, and what things do you just hate?

As for me, I've been doing some web development stuff. my strengths are in accessible css/ xhtml. I'm enjoying learning more about oop in php. And I enjoy coding in general (even though i'm not very good at it yet). I hate all the networking/ server admin, and hardware stuff that goes along with it.

Your turn...
I know that my strengths are in web design and layout to include graphics. I also excel at back end server administration and network topology. I truly suck at and I am currently working on doing a flash animation video to the song The Truth About Men. It's an older country and western song. I heard it while scanning for a radio station while on a road trip. The lyrics are hysterical and it makes for a great animation.
Well I plan to use my site to make new PHPBB modifications. My strength is design and layout code wise. I am not much of a graphic designer, but I can make image I think are suitable for me. I am also working a program for fans of the 4400 tv show. Program & web script that allows them to save information about the show. I am also working on a program my sister and her friends would like. It is a program that lets them add notes and is password protected and such. They seen the movie SpyKids 1,2,3 and they ask if I could make them a program. Laughing Which is not going good as planned because they keep wanting new things in it & sometimes they want features out Rolling Eyes .
raine dragon
My current project is actually not hosted here. I'm working with a team of other people on a fantasy forum with and interactive doll-based avatar system. My current job there is Administrator (under the owner) and head artist.

I'm currently teaching myself PHP though, so I would like to use the space here to work on little pet projects for fun, an to host a little gallery of some of my work. (I draw pixel sprites)
My project, I guess, was to make money. Which I did. Took me a month and a half to get my first payment from adsense. Right now, though, I restarted it as a blog, and more personal, which will eventually showcase my real, non-web related projects (ie music, and videos).
One of the things I use my site for is when learning something new. I will then create a site about that subject - it's a good test to make sure I know what I am talking about and is much more fun that just trying to cram the information into my head.
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