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Anybody give me any advice on these, looking at bringing them into our company and what to know the lowdown on them really. Basic use will basically be for the MD & Manangers to check e-mails while out the office, but i wouldnt mind knowing a bit more about the technical side of them, with server based software requirements etc?
As far as I know, there are no server requirements for them. From what I've seen, if you can access your email server externally (for example, set up Outlook for your work computer at home), you can access your email on the Blackberry easily.

Have you done any google searches or contacted Blackberry directly? I'm sure they would be glad to answer any potential customer's questions.
I use the HTC 3125 smart phone, and personally, I really prefer it over the blackberry. The main reason for this is simply form factor, you get a very nice looking 240x320 screen and windows mobile 5 in a package that compares very realistically to a Moto RAZR. I simply run my email out of a pop3 server, and have it automatically synchronize with Mozilla Thunderbird whenever I'm within bluetooth range of my computer. If I simply walk past my office on the way from one meeting to another I can hit a shortcut and have all of my email, notes and important files up to date within seconds. I also have a program which syncs to an FTP server if I'm on the road, in which case my email is all backed up to there. That way I also have access to my movie and music libraries, although downloads of this size are somewhat tedious with the connection. Although the typing is slightly more difficult without the full keyboard, I'm able to hit around forty words per minute using the t9 mode after a bit of practice, and I also have a miniature bluetooth keyboard I take to meetings on occasion to simply set on the desk and take notes with. I consider my work, entertainement and contacts fully integrated between both my computer and my phone, and realistically, it nearly eliminates the need to take a laptop with me. In cases where I am travelling with a laptop, I can use the provided software to use the phone's web as a modem connection for my laptop, and although it's somewhat slower than other wireless networks, it's still usable for surfing.
My best friend has used the pearl for over a year and he is a hardcore cell phone user. He loves it, I've played with it and it seems very nice.
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