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Citrix - Thin Client

OK, we have had this installed at work, and was hoping someone on here would have had years experience with this, and inform me of the performance problems they have had, cos we seem to be getting them so regualr it is no longer funny.
For anyone who hasnt a clue what am talking about, it is like Termianl Server based software, where all our users connect to a farm of servers using load balancing and just have screen refreshes sent to there dumb terminals, but for a construction company like ours it sounds ideal, as we can just stick dumb terminals on site and not have to worry about data going missing etc. But performance could end up cosing the IT departments jobs at this rate (and as i am one of them, this isn't good)
My employeer has been using Citrix for about 10 years. I administered it for a few years back in the MetFrame 1.8 days. I still have some involvement in our Citrix environment but it is much less than before. What specific performance issues are you experiencing? What type of WAN links are being used - dedicated or broadband? What speed are these connections? Are you publishing desktops or applications? Which version of Citrix are you using? What version of Windows is Citrix installed on?
Studio Madcrow
Frankly the whole concept is rather silly. It's like going back in time to the mainframe era of dumb terminals. You should either use a client/server system with custom apps or a web-based system that runs anywhere on any computer. Citrix is just another word for vendor lock-in.
Citrix is, as suggested by someone in this thread earlier, just vendor lock in.

There are nice open source GPL alternatives available like TightVNC etc.

You login to the machine, open a vnc server, get a dedicated desktop display to yourself, go to your thin client (need not be thin too Very Happy) and launch vncviewer and connect to the vncserver and display that you opened up on the original machine! Voila, you are all set, and then you can throw Citrix down the drain Smile

Of course, Citrix wouldn't exist if all things were so rosy as depicted above, but for most users that is the case! Further discussion in this mailing list thread:
Citrix has its own problems but from my experience it provides a much better tool/feature set than other products. These features do come at a price though. You can always use Microsoft's Terminal Services in your thin client environment. It is considerably cheaper than Citrix but also lacks many features like published applications.
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