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i wonder if anyone here plays Eve-online?
it's very very good, robots.
i do not, it is free or it have a cost? and how much it is?
There is a cost to join and there is a monthly fee, I think its like wow (monthly fee).

I must say it's a nice game, been playing it on and off for 2 years now.

Some brief info about it:
All players play on one server, but the universe in Eve-online is GIANT, there are safe space(Empire) and there is less safe space(low security space) and there is "no mans land"(0.0 space). Security rating (1.0->0.0) is a rating on how safe the system is, in sec 0.4< there are police units called Concord that will shoot any criminal in the systems, believe me they WILL find you anywhere.
There isn't really a leveling system in Eve, instead there is a learning system, based on real time. So you have to study skills to earn skill points in something. Like if you want to use Energy Weapon (Amarrian's primary weapon) and you are maybe a Minmatarr (one of the four main races, the others are: Caldari, Amarr, Gallente), then you would have to buy the skillbook and start learning it and then in X days, X hours, X mins, X secs you will be able to use that kind of weaponry.

One other thing worth mentioning is that there is LOTS of pvp, it can happen anywhere (most likely not in Empire space though, cause you will be killed by Concord, unless your in war with an other Corporation), oh yeah, that reminds me. All players belong to different Corporations, there is NO way that you can't be in a corp, you start in a newbie corp and then you can choose to join a player corp or stay in it. But I must say the real fun begins when you join a player corp.

And that's just a taste of what Eve got to offer.
I hate it..
especially the grapic!!
I love it! But i stopped to play Eve since i got into DotA and RF Online.

But a great MMORPG , but not for everyone Wink
I played it for a while, but I just couldn't get into it. Every aspect of the game seemed far to automated for my liking.

Mining asteroids was just mundane and boring, and the only part I was looking forward to, Space combat, was boring.

I think I'm gonna stick with Hack N Slach style MMoRPGs until they can bring out a decent space one.
Patriot Players
I love EVE, its one of the most original MMO's out there. Ive been playing for about 7 months now, the in game politics are great, the combat is entertaining, the sheer freedom to do whatever you feel like is excellent as well.

The only problems I would have with the game would be if Band of Brothers were to conquer all of 0.0 then the game would probably suck. The other thing is that lag and servers stability are occasionally an issue, but I would rather have that than split people across multiple servers, since part of what gives eve such an enormous appeal is how massive it is.

Also, all the expansions to eve are free, so you are paying 15 a month for it but you are getting free expansions and updates all the time. Admittedly they can be buggy at first release, but they get fixed relatively quickly.

All in all an amazing game really.
I heard that it's great game, unfortunately I don't like pay for play Smile
I've CD from computer magazine with review and free 14-days trial version so I think i should try.
It was decent, but not worth the money IMO.

Travelling from one place to another took too much time =[ xD Might have been my own inexperience from playing, but there really didn't seem like anything to do, and some of the controls didnt feel right or didn't really work.

The tutorial helped ALOT but it still didn't help me as much as I would have hope that it would...
Manus et Therion
I joined Eve Online about a week ago. Got two days into my 14 day trial before I discovered that you can't train certain skills (ergo, can't gain certain weapons and/or ships) while on the Trial Account, so I bought in. Wasn't a difficult choice. The game is excellent!

Because of the nature of what I do for a living (working from my home on call and by appointment), I find that I have plenty of available time to play Eve. That's the secret if you're into mining for ISK. I'm also part of a new corporation and really am having a good time. I sure would like to know where the best places are to get hints and player documentation.
I play EVE since 2006. Today I'm able to buy my timetickets with ISK (ingame currency). And it is legal! CCP support this... Smile

You are able to legal play WOW without costs?! Wink
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