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Can some kind admin please help me with an auth. request?


I put in a hosting application two nights ago, which was rejected without proper basis by a site administrator.

I was recommended to apply again, so I did, and the application has been pending since yesterday.

Is there someone online right now who can kindly authorize my request?

I would be ever so grateful, I have some time sensitive scripts that I need to get working right by early next week.

Thanks again, sincerely, in advance.

It was rejected by a Frihost Account Creator with proper basis, as explained in your rejection PM.

Since you have re-applied, you have been added to the queue. Your application will be dealt with in turn, after those who requested before you.
I respectfully disagree.

Here are the requirements which must be met to apply for a hosting account for your reference:

2. Meet the requirements

* After registering, you will be able to post messages on our forums. Just search a bit and you will certainly find some interesting topics to post in.
* Frihost offers free web hosting to active members of our community forums. You need to prove that you want to be an active and contributing member by posting at least 5 posts and reaching 10 Points.
* We value quality over quantity and this is why you only need to make 5 posts. Please take care of those posts and certainly write something interesting. We also appreciate it if your post is longer than one sentence and contains proper punctuation.
* You will get Points for every post you make, ranging from 1 to 4, depending on the length of your post.
* However, please do not spam our forums. All spammers will get banned. All your posts are checked before you get a web hosting account.

All of these requirements were met before my first application.
The denial came, I presume, as a consequence of someone's fat fingers accidentally clicking the wrong button, or someone not knowing how to count to five.

I can forgive either of these, because we all make mistakes, but all somebody has to do is click on a button. Please do it.
Also note who the rejection came from.
I'm sure he's a great guy, and if I get to know him I will probably like him,
but here is an example of his thought processes which I've taken from General Chat, in a thread entitled "Make an acronym for my name!"

VurethraMax wrote:
OMG.....I know this topic is basically spam....but I am having so much fun reading it I just can't bring myself to stop the madness!

(Killer Hamster Organization? Keeper of the Hidden Orange?) Cool Laughing Laughing Laughing

You guys are killing me! Laughing

Notice the following:

First, he considers the topic of acronyms to be "spam". This assessment is way off base. See the definition of spam from the American Heritage Dictionary:

spam - n. Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail.

And then second, he participates in this behavior which he determines to be "spam" which is in blatant violation of the FriHost terms of service.

(Posting rules, section 2.h) Do not spam. Your post will be removed without warning and you will be warned. If you continue to spam even after being warned, you may be banned and your hosting account may be removed.

This hypocrisy is not becoming of anybody.

So I don't know... Activate the account. Get moving on it.
It was purposefully rejected. There was no mistake made. To have an account, yes you do need 5 posts, though these must be deemed to be 'quality' posts. Yours were not deemed to be of a substantial quality, and I agree with that decision.

You asked a question about $frih and the scheme of Frihost. Not only does this contribute to the forums but it has been asked and answered many times before. Had you used the search feature, you would've found your answer.
Another question, this time on using google apps. Animal was kind enough to explain what you needed to do, despite having himself posted this for several other users, and others also having answered it. General DNS settings and google apps specific settings have been answered many times before. Therefore again the search feature should have been used and no contribution from you was made.
This already means less than 5 quality posts, but I'll continue.
Another post, again another question. You asked about which is the best CMS. A CMS classes as web software so it was the wrong forum (though lots of people make that mistake and it's not too serious) but had you either gone to the correct forum or again used the search feature, you will have found many topics covering all that already.

Had you read the rejection PM, it clearly states that 5 quality posts are required and links to the quality guidelines which has #4 stating
Before posting a new topic, use the "Search" function and make sure a similar topic does not exist.

If you had bothered to read this and follow it, you would have realised that your 5 posts were not 'quality'.

If you have a problem with Max (or anyone else for that matter) or feel he is acting in-appropriately, PM an admin (Bondings, tidruG, M0rpheus, Bockman). I won't comment on his moderating ability though his judgement on your posts was 100% correct.

As you seem to like quoting the rules ...
2n wrote:
Double Posting is not allowed. We know which double posts are caused by the system and which are not.

A little tip by the way. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. People generally don't like to be stereotyped as having fat fingers or not being able to count to 5. Nor do they like being referred to as 'biatches' or ordered to get moving on with activating an account. Evil or Very Mad


You could easily get posting here. I assume from the fact you've stuck around to complain, that you do actually want to be hosted here. If you put the effort you have into your complaint, into another topic (check out the religion and philosophy forum), you could easily gain 5 quality posts and be given your account.

If you wish to continue this topic, please contact an administrator.
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