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Your opinion on my band's songs?

Hi everyone!! My band, Four and More, finally has some passable recordings of songs on our Myspace page, and I just want to get some critique from the music lovers as to what we can do better. Please be sure to mention the song name if you have a specific thing in one of the songs. Also keep in mind that the song "Give it a Day" is a rip off a camcorder... belongs to Greg's mom (that's her yelling at the beginning of the song).

Thanks, and I look forward to your opinions!!
Give It A Day:
The intro drew for a bit too long without anything changing around to keep it really interesting. I would've liked if the drums came in with the keys doing a beat on the toms. Kinda like Amber Pacific style - all around. I also think the drummer needs a new snare or to re-tune his for that lovely ska sound.

The bass doesn't really get a go here, and with it you could really do some great stuff. It's a soulful song, and bass is soleful.

I really like the breakdown at the end, but it needs to be tweaked a tiny bit so it feels still a little like the rest of the song. But it's a great piece of music and should not be discarded.

Breif Case Blues:
This is cool. I love it. But here's my constructive critisism. Distortion guitar is too soft in it's solo and the wah-wah guitar could be doing more interesting stuff at times. Same with the drums - it could be doing more interesting stuff that would really add to the music.

That's all for now, I'll come back and do the others later. Good luck with it all, you guys aren't bad Wink
Thanks, spaz-o!

A few notes I should have included earlier,

Briefcase Blues is a raw, unmixed cut from our studio time last week
The rest of the tracks are live, in a very horrible (acoustically, at least) room.
That and there are two drummers, actually (yeah, we're that crazy).
The recordings don't have such a good quality, that's right, but it sounds quite nice. The songs are quite relaxing without being boring.
But the recording quality is a downer, but okay, it's live Smile Is there some studio-stuff somewhere?
Most of our studio stuff is still in mixdown. Briefcase Blues is a raw cut of the studio, most of the rest is good quality, but myspace makes the quality worse when they compress and stream and whatnot.

I'll post when the studio tracks are up, there's one (that I wrote Smile) that isn't as "relaxing," has a bit of a hard edge to it.
Its pretty good. I would love to hear something a little more polished so I'll check out what you get from the studio when you put it up.
Will do! Once we get the final stuff done we're thinking of attempting to put something up on CDbaby or a site like that.
Two drummers? That's cool. I have no idea how you pull that off - must take a lot of practise and organization.

Don't worry about the bad recording quality - it's just the mark of a trying band. And if your good-ness can shine through all the static and dodgy levels then you've really got something good going on.
We pull it off with a lot of practice.

There's actually only a few times where they will be playing the same thing, usually on really straight beats, or in one of our songs (that I wrote) that's in 7/4. Other than that, one drummer will take a bit of a lead, and the other will do more accenting. When we play some of the clubs and bars downtown, one drummer will play the set and the other will play bongos, djembe, random little percussion instruments, etc.
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